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How To End a Mission in Ready Or Not

Ending a mission in “Ready or Not” refers to completing all of the mission objectives and concluding the mission. Depending on the mission’s objectives, the ending of the mission can vary. 

Thus, in this article, we’ll further discuss the ways how you can really end a mission in this game. 

An Overview Of How To End A Mission in Ready or Not

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In the game, there are different types of missions, and the way to end a mission may vary depending on the mission’s objective. However, in general, there are several ways to end a mission in this game. 

Complete the objective: To finish a mission in this game, complete the objective. Press TAB to check if all objectives are met.

Collect the evidence: When you find an item that may be evidence, interact with it to collect it. Make sure to check all rooms and areas thoroughly to ensure you have collected all the evidence.

Explore systematically: When exploring the map, try to be systematic to ensure that you cover all areas thoroughly. You can start by exploring one area at a time and checking all rooms and corners.

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Prioritize objectives: Prioritize time-sensitive side missions that need specific resources. Balance completing main objectives and side missions.

Neutralize the suspects: Use lethal force to neutralize armed and dangerous suspects. Aim for center mass and take cover.

Detain the suspects: Detain suspects with non-lethal weapons if they are not an immediate threat.

Use caution: When engaging in combat, use caution to avoid hitting any civilians who may be in the line of fire. Take cover and aim carefully to minimize the risk of collateral damage.

If you’re playing solo, simply click PG UP on your keyboard. However, if it’s multiplayer mode, all players must agree to end the mission.

Ready Or Not Mission List

Like other tactical shooter games similar to Ready or Not, this game offers numerous combinations of maps and side missions, providing players with a diverse gameplay experience [1]. However, the game currently features five distinct mission modes:

Active Shooter: The player must take down a skilled hitman who is killing civilians. The objective is to neutralize the shooter and requires tactical skills and a high-intensity firefight.

Barricaded Suspects: If the suspects do not initiate an attack, you should refrain from using force.

Hostage Rescue: Rescuing innocent civilians safely.

Raid: Put your team where they can see the most, and make sure you inspect every inch of space.

Bomb Threat: Safely defuse the bomb and rescue any civilians in the area.


Ending a mission can be a challenging task that requires careful planning, tactical skills, and strategic thinking. 

By following the guidelines and tips provided in this guide, players can increase their chances of successfully completing the mission and achieving their objectives in the game.

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