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How To Disarm Traps in Ready Or Not — Your Quick Guide

Ready or Not is a first-person tactical shooter game that requires players to navigate through various scenarios, complete missions and objectives, and engage in combat. One of the key challenges in the game is the presence of traps, which can significantly hinder the player’s progress and lead to mission failure. 

Disarming traps is a crucial skill that players must master to successfully complete the game.  So in this discussion, we’ll focus on various strategies and techniques that players can use to disarm traps in Ready or Not. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, we have you covered! 

What Are Traps in Ready Or Not?

Traps in Ready or Not come in various forms, such as tripwires, explosive devices, and gas traps. They are often strategically placed by the game’s AI to catch players off-guard and can be particularly dangerous if players do not take the necessary precautions to identify and disarm them.

Traps are often set behind closed doors, making it crucial for players to adopt a careful and cautious approach when moving through the game’s environments. Rushing through rooms without verifying potential hazards can lead to serious consequences, including mission failure and loss of life.

Types of Traps You Can Find in Ready Or Not

One must be cautious while dealing with traps in the game as they are often placed at the bottom of the door, where one passes through. These traps can be classified into two types: 

Ready or Not

HE Grenade

High-Explosive Grenades or HE Grenades are typically used to cause significant damage to enemy forces or to clear out heavily fortified areas. HE Grenades can be equipped as a secondary weapon and are particularly effective in taking out groups of enemies or destroying barricades and walls. 

Players must exercise caution when using HE Grenades, as they can also cause unintended damage to nearby teammates or civilians.


The Flashbang, also known as a stun grenade or flash grenade, is a non-lethal tactical weapon. Flashbangs are typically used to temporarily disorient enemies and provide an opportunity for tactical maneuvers or to neutralize targets without causing permanent harm.

How To Disarm Traps in the Game

Finding Traps

To effectively disarm traps, players must first locate them. Here are some techniques that players can use to find traps:

Mirror Gun: The Mirror Gun is a specialized piece of equipment that allows players to peek around corners and into rooms without exposing themselves to potential hazards. By using the Mirror Gun, players can spot traps and other hazards from a safe distance and plan their approach accordingly.

disarming traps - Ready or Not

Look: Players can carefully examine their surroundings and look for potential hazards such as tripwires, explosive devices, and gas canisters. Traps may be hidden in unexpected locations, so players must remain vigilant at all times and carefully examine their environment.

Door Peek: Players can use the lean feature to carefully look around doors and identify potential hazards before entering a room. This technique requires patience and caution but can be an effective way to spot traps that are hidden from view.

Suspecting Traps

Players should suspect the presence of traps by carefully examining the environment, listening for unusual sounds, and watching for movement. Using tactical awareness can help players avoid unnecessary damage or death.

Staying Safe

To stay safe while disarming traps in the game, players should exercise caution, use specialized equipment, and be aware of their surroundings. They should also use diversion tactics to draw out enemy or AI activity and avoid causing unintended harm to their team or innocent bystanders.

Ready or Not - gameplay


Finally, players need to press the F key to access their equipment controls in Ready or Not when they locate a trap. They can then select the appropriate tool needed to disarm the trap and safely use it to disarm the trap.

Wrapping Up

Disarming traps is a crucial skill that players must master to progress through the Ready or Not missions and objectives safely. Failing to disarm traps can result in unnecessary harm, making it vital to approach the game’s environments with caution and vigilance.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different types and do the necessary steps to detect them carefully above!

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