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Ready Or Not Controller Support — Your Quick Guide

In today’s gaming landscape, players have the freedom to choose their preferred platform and hardware and nearly every new game offers controller support. For those curious about whether Ready or Not can be played with a controller and how to make it happen, here’s a quick guide from our resident gamers.

Controller Support in Personal Computers: An Overview

Games that support controller input will automatically recognize when a controller is connected to the PC and will switch to controller mode. However, there may be some configuration required in order to fine-tune the settings and customize the controller layout to suit individual preferences.

One thing to note is that not all PC games are compatible with controllers, so it’s always a good idea to check the game’s system requirements and controller support before purchasing or installing. Additionally, some games may have limited or partial controller support, meaning that certain functions or features may only be accessible with a keyboard and mouse.

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Does Ready Or Not Have Controller Support?

At present, Ready or Not does not support controllers on PC. The developers, VOID Interactive, have stated that their priority is to focus on improving the gameplay and content of the game, which is currently in early access. 

According to their roadmaps, they have several additional features planned, including Ready or Not PvP, more levels, game modes, and potentially controller support.

However, implementing controller support could potentially complicate the development process and delay the addition of other planned features. As a result, players may need to find alternative methods to play the game with controllers.

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Is It Available on Consoles?

As of now, Ready or Not is exclusively available on PC and cannot be played on consoles [1]. However, VOID Interactive has expressed interest in expanding the game to other platforms, including consoles. 

While there is no official release date for when Ready or Not will be available on consoles, the developers have indicated that bringing the game to these platforms is a future project that they are actively working on.


While Ready or Not is a highly immersive and exciting game, it’s important to note that it currently does not support controller input on PC.  

In the meantime, players may need to use alternative methods or workarounds to play the game with a controller. Despite this limitation, Ready or Not continues to offer a thrilling and tactical experience for those who enjoy realistic first-person shooter games.

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