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Fixed: Razer Comms Server Access Unavailable

Communication is a vital process when playing games with your people online. When you have an inaccessible server on Razer Comms, it can affect the process of communicating with different players, and this may affect your rank in the game you are playing. 

Our engineers have compiled solutions on how to fix this problem in your Razer Comms server connection. 

Server Access Error on Razer Comms: 3 Surefire Fixes

Fix #1: Deactivate Your AntiVirus Or Third Party Programs

Some programs may be barred from connecting to the internet by your antivirus web protection service. Your inability to get your Razer Comms Server to function is primarily due to this. 

Simply put, it is unable to communicate with the servers, which prevents you from connecting to the chat room. To resolve this problem, you must turn off the antivirus’s online protection feature. Entering the antivirus app’s settings will allow you to do this. 

Deactivate Your AntiVirus

Depending on the antivirus program you’re running, the approach can be rather different. You can also completely uninstall the antivirus program from your computer if, the problem still persists after deactivating it.

To accomplish this, simply open the Control Panel (for Windows) and choose the antivirus program to delete it from the list of installed apps. Try utilizing Razer Comms after your computer has restarted. Your problem should be resolved.

Fix #2: Optimize Your Internet Connection

Another reason why the Razer Comms server connection cannot be established is due to problems with your home network. In this case, the problem can be resolved by refreshing your network connection.

Optimize Your Internet Connection

Resetting your router’s power should be your initial action. It won’t take much time for you to complete this, and there is a good probability that the problem will be resolved. 

So simply unplug the power adapter, wait around 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Your network connection will be refreshed, and your problem should be resolved as a result.

Fix #3. Disable Windows Firewall

For your Razer Communications to be connected to the servers, you must check your Windows Firewall settings. You must navigate to the security settings in the Control Panel after opening it. Simply pick an application after clicking on Windows Firewall from there.

Disable Windows Firewall

You only need to select the Razer Comms tool from the list of installed programs at this time. By doing this, you can ensure that Windows Firewall permits your Razer Comms to speak with the servers and that connecting to the voice channels would be simple.


You can easily solve the problem of Razer Comms “Server Access Access Unavailable” simply by uninstalling third-party programs, refreshing your network connection, and disabling the Windows Firewall. 

If you’ve done these things and you’re still having trouble getting your Razer Comms to function, get in touch with the Razer support team [1]. You will be able to get assistance from a qualified expert who can direct you on what to do. 

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