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Fixed: Project Zomboid Steam Server is Not Enabled

Playing Project Zomboid can be fun until it’s time to host a server for the game. This is usually supposed to be as simple and easy as running a server file. But lately, players are having a difficult time to host and enable the Steam server on their Project Zomboid game. 

To help you solve this problem, our gamers have taken the time to compile all the solutions. Learn more in the options guide below

How To Fix This Steam Server Error On Project Zomboid: 3 Methods

Fix #1: Start The Game Thru The Steam Client

You may not be aware of this, but Project Zomboid has been recently updated. It’s now easier to launch a server in the game. 

You can do this by going first to your library icon and navigating the tools. Afterwards, you download and reinstall the game with its dedicated server. You can now launch the game and click on the host server option. 

steam client of Project Zomboid

Fix #2. Port Forwarding

Another important thing to do when you want to join or host a server in the Project Zomboid game is to forward a few ports. 

To begin, make sure that ports 8767, 8766, and 16261 have all been forwarded. For the Steam server list, both of these ports [1] are crucial.

Fix #3: Try The Non-Steam Project Zomboid Version

If you’re still unable to start the Steam server, you can try the method of running the non-steam version of the game. 

Project Zomboid Mod ( Non Steam Game )

What you need to do first is go to your Steam library, go to the properties and right-click. There should be a menu item titled “Set startup options” under the General tab. Enter “-nosteam” at this point (without any quotes), and then click “OK.”


How do I repair my Project Zomboid server?

Delete the modifications folder and the logs by going to C:Usersyour usernameZomboid. This will resolve the game’s launching issues. The executable for the game can be blocked by your antivirus program, leading to the crash.


If the Project Zomboid Steam server is not enabled on your end, you can try different methods to launch it successfully. As stated above, you need to relaunch the game, forward the ports or try using a non-Steam version of the game. It should be possible to solve the issue if you follow all of them in order.

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