Pokemon Go XS XL Pokemon

Pokemon Go XS XL

We all know that in order to maximize our chances of catching a rare Pokemon, we need to use the lures and incense at PokeStops. 

But have you ever wondered what those XS and XL next to the height and weight actually mean? Here’s a quick rundown from our Pokemon Go players.

What Do XS and XL Mean?

You may have noticed that the height and weight fields on your Pokemon’s information page have XS or XL next to them. This is what they are trying to say and what they can do.

Pokemon Go XS XL

Having a Pokemon with an XS or XL next to their height or weight doesn’t really mean anything remarkable. 

Simply put, XS indicates that a Pokemon’s weight or height is unusually low compared to the species’ average individual. As you might have imagined, XL stands for extra big for the same purpose.

Does Size Matter in Pokemon Go?

Only while attempting to capture a Pokémon in the wild does size matter in the video game Pokémon Go. The CP and base stats of a Pokémon are unaffected by its size. 

The situation is different in PvP [1]. In October 2021, a new “size mechanic” was added to Pokémon Go as part of the Halloween event, allowing users to catch Pokémon of various sizes, which had an impact on their stats. 

Pumpkaboo, sadly, was the only Pokémon for which it was true. Hunting and Pokémon size only affect special milestones in the basic game.

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