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PocoHud — Your Quick Guide

If you’re into gaming, you’ve probably heard of PocoHud. But what is it, exactly? It can be extremely helpful for improving your gameplay and helping you to better understand what’s happening in the heat of battle. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what PocoHud is and how it can help improve your gaming skills. 

What is PocoHud?

As an alternative to HoxHud, PocoHud is a PC-based modification now in its third version, that adds extra information to the HUD in a similar way, but offers a different experience. For example, it doesn’t have the enhanced assault phase indicator that HoxHud users may be used to.

It does have its own set of unique features, such as RPG-styled buff icons (like “Underdog” and “Overkill”), in-chat alerts to in game events (such as drill completion or enemy conversion), accurate ammo or medical bag content readouts, and its own advanced hit indicators that even display the amount of damage taken and can fade between colors as health or armor are depleted and come closer to reaching zero.


PocoHud also has a full in-game customization menu that makes it easy to change HUD settings. Users can easily turn off parts of the HUD that they don’t like. 

It could also be used with HoxHud without any problems, and the configuration menus of both mods let users turn off features that conflict with each other or use the style or features of the mod they prefer.

pocohud installation

Third-party developers make available a variety of mods, which change how the game looks or works, and tools, which let you do things like look at the game files [1]. 

Note that Overkill Software won’t help you with any technical problems you might have if you change your game files. You might have to take back the changes to get things to work again.

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