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PingPerfect Reviews (2023) — Is this Server Great for ARK and Other Games?

PingPerfect is one of the most popular game hosts available today. But how adept are they at hosting high-performance games? This question is essential because the wrong host can leave you with slow and lackluster performance, and worse, loss of data. Thankfully, our team of experts tried and tested this server hosting in this PingPerfect review for you to make the right choice.



PingPerfect Features

History and Track Record

PingPerfect has its headquarters in East Yorkshire, England. It was founded in July 2013 to provide gamers with premium gaming hardware. Our team discovered that they only hire hardcore gamers to serve customers and maintain their servers.

We believe this has led to their impressive performance record and popularity. Almost every gamer has heard of PingPerfect, and their superb hosting reputation precedes them. One thing we found fascinating was the company’s dedication to gamers. They’ve consistently offered the best possible service, and all their reviews reflect it.

Server Locations

We were impressed with PingPerfect’s impressive server array. They have a total of 22 servers spread out across six continents. What’s more impressive is that they keep adding new servers to improve customer satisfaction even more.

Their servers use top-of-the-line hardware with lightning-fast connectivity and maximum uptime. And because they are spread worldwide, you can always get a steady connection, regardless of where you’re playing from.

server locations

There are also fringe benefits, like automatic server switching, so you never miss a beat and a free subdomain with every server purchase.

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PingPerfect Control Panel

The control panel is one of the most critical parts of a game server, and our team wanted to see how PingPerfect performed. The company calls it the game panel, and it is completely optimized to give gamers the best possible gaming control.

You can access server stop and start settings, monitor your status, select dedicated RAM amount, and other cool features. We also found a log viewer, file manager, web console, and CPU status monitor on the control panel.

game panel

We found it interesting that unlike other host companies, PingPerfect doesn’t use a TCAdmin panel. They created their game panel, which gives you a more customized interface to work with.


During our PingPerfect reviews, we discovered the host’s knowledge base. It offers all kinds of helpful information, especially how to improve your server’s performance. It’s interesting because PingPerfect already has top-notch performance with tons of RAM and high-end hardware.

We tested the performance with demanding games like Minecraft and Space Engineers, and it ran as smoothly as we could imagine. Even on the lower-tier plans, the performance was quite impressive and featured Dual E5s processors [1] with 128GB RAM and 1TB SSDs.

PingPerfect Mods

What we love most about PingPerfect’s mod support is the detailed guide it offers on its website. The guide walks you through installing mods for both existing worlds and new instances. We found the whole process to be straightforward and easy to manage.

adding mods

We also like that PingPerfect supports 95% of mods across all the games they offer, from 7 Days to Die to Conan Exiles. Players that experience any difficulty with the process can always contact support with their queries or post on the host’s community.

PingPerfect DDoS

PingPerfect brands itself as the ‘DDoS protected game server.’ And even though most game hosts offer some protection, PingPerfect takes it one step further by keeping the security in-house.

Many hosts outsource their DDoS services to popular companies like Cloudflare. While this gives players protection, it takes away control from the host. As a result, their response time may be longer.

But since PingPerfect keeps their protection in-house, they minimize interruptions and respond to complaints as quickly as players can file them. This is why their in-house team is mostly made up of gamers and tech experts.

Games Available

PingPerfect offers a total of 172 games, which is more than double what most hosts offer. What’s more, we found old and unpopular games like The Black Death and mainstream ones like Minecraft on the host’s server.

games available

We also loved that each of these games has premium hardware dedicated to their functionality. PingPerfect didn’t just allocate their powerful performance to popular games; you can pay for Memories of Mars and still get the same seamless gameplay as someone playing Ark.

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Customer Support

Similar to the best Ark server we reviewedcustomer support is perhaps one of PingPerfect’s strongest points. The team has an average response time of 20 minutes, and they are accommodating.

Because PingPerfect mostly hires gamers, the team knows the service inside and out and can anticipate your needs. They were able to help us with everything, from mod installation to setting up our game panel.

Price and Payment Methods

PingPerfect’s prices vary according to the game you host and the tier you purchase. Other factors that influence the cost include game slots, Teamspeak slots, location, server branding, hardware, and performance.

payment method

Despite their top-tier offers, PingPerfect is moderately priced, with plans starting from $0.83 per month.

PingPerfect makes it easy to pay for its service by accepting multiple payment methods, including Skrill, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, and even Paysafe.


The host is so confident in their offering that they offer a 48-hour free trial on all game and web hosting plans. During that time, their customer support is available for anything the player needs.

PingPerfect Customer Reviews

If our reviews were based on customer feedback alone, PingPerfect would be the perfect game host. They have tons of positive feedback on platforms like Trustpilot, and they even feature some comments on their website.

The feedback mostly revolves around their excellent customer support, stellar servers, and premium hardware.

PingPerfect Review Conclusion

After a thorough review of PingPerfect, our experts have deemed it as one of the best game hosts out there. It offers hundreds of games, premium hardware, global servers, and helpful customer care.

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