entering IP address on Terraria Terraria

Terraria Pedguin Server IP Address

The Pedguin server IP address is a must-know for every Terraria game player. Without it, you will be unable to join the game server for multiplayer purposes. In this guide, our resident gamers will give you insights into the IP and other things you need to learn.

What is the Server IP of Pedguin?

The server IP of Penguin is pedguin.com, and it runs on Port number 7777 by default. Note that if you are outside, ensure that the port you use is port-forwarded. 

entering IP address on Terraria

The aim of this is to enable other gameplayers to join. However, if your port cannot be forwarded, you can try VPNs such as Hamachi or Radmin. 

How to Join Pedguin's Terraria Server

To join the Pedguin Terraria server, you will need to find your IP. You can do this by logging in to the apex server panel. Please navigate to the server IP address and port number section, then copy them. 

Note that you must separate the IP address from the port number [1]. Launch your game, then click join via IP. Select your character, enter your IP address, then your port number. Click Accept, and that’s it.

Why is the Penguin Server Not Working on My End?

There are several reasons why your server might not be working and several fixes to this problem. 

Terraria joining via IP

The first might be an issue with your game version. To solve this is simple: all you have to do is update your game to the latest version.

Another issue might be your Windows Firewall or antivirus. Ensure you deactivate the antivirus or Windows Firewall to resolve this. Also, update your network drivers. All these should solve the issue.


Note that doing this connection is smooth and easy. Ensure that your Pedguin server IP address is separated from the port. You will need to enter them separately before joining the game server. We hope you find this guide helpful.

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