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Payday 2 Sniper Build — Everything You Need To Know

Payday 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter video game that allows players to assume the roles of professional criminals performing various heists, including bank robberies, drug trafficking, and cyber-crime. As players progress through the game, they can customize their characters’ skills and weapons to suit their playstyle and increase their chances of success.

One popular strategy in Payday 2 is to specialize in sniping, which involves taking out enemies from long distances with high-powered rifles. This approach can be particularly effective in certain heists, such as those involving open areas or large numbers of enemies.

In this context, a Payday 2 sniper build refers to a customized character build that emphasizes skills and weapons that are optimized for sniping. Such a build typically includes skills that improve accuracy, stability, and damage output for sniper rifles, as well as equipment that enhances the character’s ability to locate and take out enemies from a distance.

Top Sniper Rifles For Sniper Loadout

The selection of Sniper Rifles in this list was made based on their ability to effectively eliminate both non-heavy and heavy enemies, as well as their reliability and damage output.

Sniper Build Payday 2

1. Lebensauger .308 Sniper Rifle

The Lebensauger .308 Sniper Rifle is a popular choice among Payday 2 players due to its semi-automatic firing mode and ability to eliminate most enemy units with a single shot, with the exception of Bulldozers, which require two shots. Its semi-automatic feature allows for quicker follow-up shots than many other sniper rifles in the game.

One potential drawback of the weapon is its long reload time, so it is recommended that players find a secure location before reloading. Nevertheless, the rifle is an excellent choice for players looking to build a Sniper/Dodge playstyle, thanks to its versatility and effectiveness in various heist scenarios.

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R700 Sniper Rifle

The R700 Sniper Rifle is a versatile weapon that is well-suited for a balanced Payday 2 sniper build. It offers decent damage output, ammunition pick-ups, and fire rate, making it an all-around reliable choice. The rifle’s damage output also increases by up to 50% after a distance of 19 meters, further increasing its effectiveness in long-range engagements.

R700 in top 10 best rifles

In comparison to the Repeater 1874, the R700 stands out as it comes equipped with a scope by default, which provides a significant advantage in sniping. The R700 is a well-rounded choice for players who prioritize versatility and reliability in their sniper builds.

The Desertfox

The Desert Fox is a relatively small and compact Sniper Rifle that is widely regarded as the second most powerful in its class, falling just behind the Thanatos .50 cal. Despite its smaller size, the Desertfox offers significant damage output and excellent concealment, making it an ideal choice for stealthy sniping.

With its ability to eliminate all enemy units with a single shot, even without modifications, the Desertfox can be a formidable Payday 2 weapon in the right hands. However, its smaller magazine size of only five bullets and comparatively lower accuracy compared to other Sniper Rifles may pose a challenge for some players. Overall, the Desert Fox is a viable option for those looking to balance power and stealth in their sniper builds.

Desertfox coming for a headshot

Top Secondary Weapons for Sniper Build

The secondary weapons in this loadout hold a significant role as they can prove to be life-saving during close-quarters combat or emergency situations.

The Judge Shotgun

It fires shotgun shells and can be modified for greater accuracy, stability, and damage output. It is highly effective at close range and can take out multiple enemies in a single shot. With its high rate of fire and relatively large magazine capacity, it is also effective in sustained engagements.

One unique aspect of the Judge Shotgun is its ability to use special ammunition types, such as explosive or incendiary rounds, which can further increase its effectiveness in different heist scenarios. However, its range and accuracy are limited compared to other secondary weapons in the game, making it less effective at longer distances.

Micro Uzi Submachine Gun

The Micro Uzi Submachine Gun is a fast-firing weapon in Payday 2 that fires 9mm rounds and can be modified for greater accuracy, stability, and damage output. It is a versatile weapon that can be effective in both close-quarters combat and medium-range engagements. With its high rate of fire and relatively large magazine capacity, the Micro Uzi can deal significant damage to enemy units.

Reloading my micro uzi

However, the Micro Uzi’s accuracy and range are limited compared to other secondary weapons in the game, such as pistols or assault rifles. Additionally, its ammo consumption can be high due to its fast-firing nature, meaning players may need to frequently replenish their ammunition during heists.

China Puff 40mm Grenade Launcher

This can launch explosive grenades to take out groups of enemies or deal with heavily armored units, such as shields and dozers. It can also be used to create distractions or clear paths for the player and their team. With its high damage output and wide blast radius, the China Puff is a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.

However, the China Puff’s ammunition is limited, meaning players will need to use it strategically and sparingly during heists. Additionally, its reload time is relatively long, leaving players vulnerable to enemy attacks while reloading.

Best Gears for Sniper Build

In Payday 2, players can customize their gear to suit their playstyle and optimize their performance in heists. For a sniper build, the following gear can be considered:

Armor: A lightweight ballistic vest can provide enough protection while also maintaining high mobility and dodge chance. The suit can also be an option for players who prioritize mobility over protection.

Grenades: Frag grenades can be effective for crowd control and taking out groups of enemies. They can also be used to create distractions or clear paths.

Deployable: An ammo bag can be useful for replenishing sniper rifle ammo during heists, allowing players to stay in the fight for longer periods.

Best Perk Decks for Sniper Build

Perk Decks are sets of skills and abilities that players can unlock and equip to customize their character and playstyle. Each Perk Deck has a unique set of skills and abilities that can improve the player’s performance in certain areas, such as damage output, stealth, or survivability.

Gambler: The Gambler perk deck includes skills such as “Inspire,” which allows players to revive team members more quickly and from a distance. The “Gambler” skill provides health regeneration to the player and their teammates when enemies are killed nearby, while the “Extra Lead” skill increases ammo pick-up for the player and their team.

Gambler perk deck logo

Crew Chief: The Crew Chief perk deck includes skills such as “Crew Management,” which increases the player’s team’s health and stamina, and “Hostage Taker,” which provides health regeneration to the player and their team. The “Lead By Example” skill also provides a boost to the player’s team’s damage output and damage resistance.

Rogue: Another viable option for a sniper build is the “Rogue” perk deck, which also prioritizes dodge chance and mobility. The Rogue perk deck offers skills such as “Low Blow,” which increases critical hit chance, and “Duck and Cover,” which improves dodge chance while sprinting or sliding.

Best Skills for Sniper Loadout

For a sniper loadout in Payday 2, the following skills can be considered essential across different skill trees:

Medic: This skill tree provides essential support skills like “Combat Doctor” and “Inspire,” which allow the player to quickly revive downed teammates and heal them. These skills can be particularly valuable in co-op gameplay [1].

Controller: This provides skills that can help the player control the battlefield more effectively, such as “Joker” which allows players to convert enemies into AI-controlled allies.

Controller skills loadout for Sniper build

Sharpshooter: This provides skills to improve accuracy and stability with sniper rifles, like “Stable Shot” and “Sure Shot.”

Enforcer: This provides skills that can help the player carry heavier gear and increase their ammo capacity, such as “Transporter” and “Ammunition Specialist.”

Technician: This provides skills that can help the player lay traps and explosives to control the battlefield, like “Sentry Gun” and “Trip Mines.”

Ghost: This provides skills that can help the player move stealthily and avoid detection, like “Chameleon” and “Cleaner.”


In conclusion, a sniper build in Payday 2 can be a highly effective way to complete heists with precision and accuracy. Choosing the right weapons, skills, and equipment is essential to create a loadout that suits the player’s playstyle and maximizes their effectiveness. 

Overall, with the right loadout and skills, a sniper build can be a formidable force in Payday 2.

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