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Payday 2 Sentry Build — Weapon Details

Sentry builds are a popular play style in the cooperative first-person shooter game, Payday 2. In this playstyle, players equip their character with sentry guns, automated turrets that can defend an area and suppress enemy attacks.  

In this discussion, we will delve into the details of the sentry build playstyle in Payday 2, examining various aspects such as its diverse types, the optimal weapons and modifications to employ, and useful tips for maximizing your gameplay effectiveness.

Sentry Gun Build


To unlock the Infamy Tree and access the Set of the Corrupted in Payday 2, you must reach the second infamy level. 

Payday 2 - Infamy
Payday 2 - infamy

Sentry Skills

Payday 2 - sentry skill mastermind
Payday 2 - sentry skill enforcer
Payday 2 - sentry skill technician
Payday 2 - sentry skill ghost
Payday 2 - sentry skill fugitive

Sentry Skills (Non Infamy)

Payday 2 - sentry skill mastermind non infamy
Payday 2 - sentry skill enforcer non infamy
Payday 2 - sentry skill technician non infamy
Payday 2 - sentry skill ghost non infamy
Payday 2 - sentry skill fugitive non infamy

Sentry Perk Deck

This perk is often considered one of the weaker perks in the game, but it can be useful in certain situations.

Payday 2 - per deck

The Anarchist perk provides a unique benefit in that your armor will regenerate over time, even while taking damage. In a suit, you will regenerate 10 armor points every 2 seconds. Additionally, for every enemy you damage, you will regenerate 10 armor points with a 1.5-second cooldown.

This can be a powerful benefit in combat, especially when paired with the best Payday 2 weapons that deal fire damage. However, it’s important to note that the Anarchist perk does not work with sentry guns, which can limit your defensive capabilities. As a result, you may need to play more actively to make up for this weakness.

Sentry Weapons

Primary – Izhma: It is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun that can deal high damage at close range. 


Payday 2 - Izhma

Secondary – Grimm 12g: It is a versatile weapon that can be used effectively at both close and medium ranges.


Payday 2 Primary - Grimm 12g

With these modifications, you can enhance the performance of your Grimm 12g shotgun in a variety of ways.


Melee Weapons

Payday 2 - Melee weapons




With this equipment loadout, you have two powerful shotguns for dealing damage at close range, while the Electrical Brass Knuckles, Buzzer, and Knives provide melee options. The Flashbang and Javelin are throwable weapons that can stun and damage enemies, respectively. 

The Suit armor provides mobility, while the 2 Med Bags and 2 Sentry Guns deployables give you healing and defensive options in combat.

How To Execute a Sentry Gun Playstyle

Take Cover

This can greatly increase your chances of surviving in combat. To take cover effectively, look for areas that can provide cover, move between cover, use cover to reload and heal, be aware of enemy positions, and always stay aware of your surroundings. 

Payday 2 - take cover

By following these tips, you can increase your survivability and reduce your chances of being taken down in combat.

Utilize Mobility

To use your mobility to your advantage, move quickly, use dodge skills, jump and climb, use sliding, and be aware of your surroundings. By using your mobility effectively, you can avoid enemy fire, gain an advantage in combat, and stay on the move. 

Remember to stay aware of your surroundings and use your abilities to their fullest potential.

Utilize Your Weapons

It’s important to remember that you cannot solely rely on sentries for defense in Payday 2, as there may be situations where you are far away from your sentries or teammates. Therefore, you must be capable of defending yourself using your weapons, even with sentries deployed.

Payday 2 - doing mission

More Playstyle Tips

Strategies And Tricks

Micromanage Your Sentries: Always Pick Them Up When Damaged or Out of Ammo

Your sentries are not invincible and picking them up to repair and refill ammo is crucial to maintain overall firepower.

Payday 2 - gameplay

Use AP Ammo for Your Sentries

AP ammo is efficient, very damaging, and can penetrate armor and shields.

Don't Leave Your Sentries Behind

Always pick up your sentries when you’re done using them and place them somewhere close to your teammates, objectives, and areas of high traffic to avoid losing firepower. Aside from the Sentry, here are recommended builds in Payday 2

Other Strategies


If you prefer a more supportive role and want to provide cover and extra firepower for your team, a sentry build can be effective. However, if you prefer a more aggressive playstyle, a sentry build may not be the best fit for you.

Additionally, certain heists may not have areas that are suitable for sentry placement, making a sentry build less effective. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if a sentry build aligns with your gameplay [1] and the specific heist you’re planning to play.

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