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Best Payday 2 Melee Build

In addition to firearms, melee weapons play an important role in Payday 2, and there is a variety of different melee builds that players can choose from.

Melee builds in Payday 2 can be very effective in close-quarters combat situations, and can also be used to stealthily take out enemies without alerting others. There are a variety of different melee weapons available, from simple knives and baseball bats to more exotic weapons like katanas and spears.

What Is A Melee Build?

Melee builds in Payday 2 focus on using melee weapons as the primary means of combat. This build typically involves investing skill points in the Brawler skill tree to improve the player’s melee abilities, such as increasing attack speed and damage. 

Other skills in the Enforcer and Ghost skill trees may also be used to complement the melee build. It can offer a unique and challenging gameplay [1] experience for players who want to try something different from traditional firearm-focused builds.

Melee weapon butt

What Are The Best Melee Builds in Payday 2?

Close-quarter combat situations where firearms may be perilous or arduous to use can benefit from the effectiveness of melee builds. In addition, they can prove to be valuable in stealth missions by allowing players to covertly eliminate foes using melee weapons, thus avoiding detection. As each weapon presents its unique advantages and limitations, players can choose the one that aligns with their preferred style of play.

Whether you’re a seasoned Payday 2 player or just starting out, our list of the best melee builds will help you take your gameplay to the next level. With the right build and strategy, you can become a master of close-quarters combat and take down enemies with ease. So, let’s dive in and explore the top melee builds in Payday 2.

1. Stainless Steel Syringe

The stainless steel syringe is a unique melee weapon that can be used in a melee build. It is a small, handheld device that can be used to deliver a deadly injection to enemies.

It is a very silent weapon, which makes it perfect for stealth missions. It has a high concealment rating, which can be easily hidden from view and does not raise suspicion. It also has a fast swing speed, allowing the player to quickly take out enemies with a swift strike.

SS Syringe

When used as a melee weapon, the stainless steel syringe inflicts a high amount of damage and has a chance to instantly kill enemies. It also has a unique ability to temporarily stun enemies, which can be useful for disorienting them and giving the player an advantage in combat.

2. Nova Chank

Nova Shank is a melee weapon that is unlocked at level 31. It is a unique weapon that resembles a prison-made weapon, consisting of a sharpened toothbrush and a makeshift handle.

The Nova Shank has a high damage output and a fast swing speed, making it a deadly weapon in close-quarters combat. It also has a unique ability to penetrate enemy armor, making it an effective choice against heavily armored enemies.

One of the downsides of the Nova Shank is that it has a relatively short reach, meaning that players need to get up close and personal to use it effectively. It also has lower durability than some other melee weapons, meaning that it will need to be repaired or replaced more frequently.

Nova shank

3. Weapon Butt

Weapon butt is a melee weapon that is available to all players from the beginning of the game. It is essentially the butt of a firearm, used as a blunt weapon for close-quarters combat.

The weapon butt has a fast swing speed and moderate damage, making it a reliable choice for players who prefer a quick and aggressive melee style.

One advantage of the weapon butt is that it is a versatile weapon that can be used with any firearm. This means that players can switch between using their firearm and melee attacks seamlessly, depending on the situation.

4. Electrical Brass Knuckles

Electrical Brass Knuckles are a melee weapon that can be unlocked by completing the “Breaking Dead” achievement. It’s a unique weapon that consists of brass knuckles with electrically charged plates.

Electric brass knuckles for Stoic build payday 2 gameplay

The Electrical Brass Knuckles have a fast swing speed and a moderate damage output, making them a good choice for players who prefer a quick and agile melee style.

5. El Verdugo

El Verdugo has a slow swing speed, but it makes up for it with its high damage output and long reach. It is capable of delivering devastating blows that can take out enemies quickly, making it a great choice for players who prefer a heavy, slow melee style.

In addition to its high damage output, El Verdugo also has a unique ability to stun enemies with a charged attack. This can be useful for temporarily disabling enemies and giving the player an advantage in combat.

Melee Build Additions: Selecting Primary and Secondary Weapons

When it comes to selecting primary and secondary weapons for a melee build, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure that they complement your playstyle and the type of missions you will be undertaking.

payday 2

Firstly, it’s recommended to choose weapons that have a high degree of concealment to avoid alerting guards and drawing unwanted attention. Additionally, some players may prefer to have a weapon that can be used at range in case of emergencies or for taking out cameras or other devices. 

Lastly, players should also consider the type of melee weapon they will be using and how it can complement their chosen firearms. 

Overall, selecting primary and secondary weapons for a melee build requires careful consideration of factors such as concealment, range, and how they can complement the chosen melee weapon. By taking these factors into account, players can create a well-rounded loadout that suits their playstyle and allows them to effectively complete missions.

Perk Decks For Melee Build

Perk Decks in Payday 2 are a system that allows players to choose and specialize in specific skills and abilities related to their play style. For a melee build, there are several Perk Decks that can be useful, depending on the player’s preferences and gameplay style.

Sociopath – This Perk Deck is focused on close-quarters combat and melee attacks. It provides bonuses to melee damage, health regeneration, and the ability to intimidate enemies.

Perk decks sociopath

Infiltrator – This Perk Deck is focused on stealth and close-quarters combat. It provides bonuses to movement speed, melee damage, and health regeneration, as well as the ability to regain health by killing enemies in close combat.

Yakuza – This Perk Deck is focused on speed and mobility, making it a great choice for players who want to move quickly and strike fast. It provides bonuses to movement speed, melee damage, and the ability to regenerate health by taking damage.

Melee Build Best Skills

Here are some of the best skills to consider when building a melee-focused character:

Bloodthirst – This skill from the Fugitive skill tree provides a significant boost to melee damage for a short time after a successful melee hit. It’s a great way to increase the effectiveness of your melee attacks and take down enemies quickly.

Pumping Iron – This skill from the Brawler skill tree provides a flat bonus to melee damage based on the percentage of an enemy’s missing health. It’s a great way to deal extra damage to tougher enemies or those that have already taken damage.

Melee Skillsets

Berserker – This skill from the Frenzy skill tree provides a significant boost to melee damage when the player’s health is low. It’s a great way to turn a dire situation into an advantage and deal massive damage to enemies.

Counter-Strike – This skill from the Brawler skill tree allows the player to counter enemy melee attacks with a powerful counterattack that can knock enemies down. It’s a great way to defend against enemy melee attacks and deal some extra damage.

Equipment And Throwables For Melee Build

Here are some of the best options for equipment and throwables for a melee-focused character:

Doctor Bags – These are similar to First Aid Kits but provide full healing instead of just a health boost. They take longer to use, but can be a lifesaver in tough situations.

Smoke Grenades – These can be used to obscure the player’s movements and make it harder for enemies to see them. They’re a great choice for players who want to get in close without being detected.

Javelin – This throwable weapon can deal massive damage to enemies and knock them down, making it a great choice for taking out tough enemies or clearing out groups of enemies.

Sentry Gun – It can be useful for setting up a defensive position or taking out enemies from a distance. 

ECM Jammer – This is effective in disabling enemy electronics and temporarily blind enemies.


Overall, Payday 2 melee builds can be a fun and effective way to play the game and offer a unique alternative to traditional firearm-focused builds. Players who are looking for a new challenge or who want to mix things up can experiment with different melee weapons and skills to find the build that works best for them.

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