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Best Payday 2 Dodge Builds — What Are These?

Payday 2 is a game that offers a variety of ways to build characters, but the dodge build is a great option for those who want to be agile and evasive. 

This build focuses on dodging enemy bullets and using your speed to your advantage. In this guide, we will look at the skills, equipment, and strategies that make the dodge build so effective.

What Is A Dodge Build?

A dodge build in Payday 2 is a type of character build that is focused on evading enemy bullets and staying mobile. This build focuses on the use of the dodge skill, which is a special ability that allows the player to quickly move around the map and avoid damage. 

The dodge build also uses equipment that enhances mobility and survivability. This includes armor, weapons, and items that give bonuses to dodge and other defensive stats. With the right skills and gear, the dodge build is an effective way to stay alive and complete objectives.

Grenade Launcher dodge build payday 2

What Are The Best Dodge Builds In The Game?

1. Death Sentence

Our first build will be a Dodge Build, and it will be centered on an IZHMA 12G shotgun paired with Bernetti for optimum concealment.

The Izhma 12g Shotgun is a powerful and versatile weapon that can be used effectively in the Death Sentence Dodge Build. This build focuses on the use of the dodge skill and the Death Sentence perk, which increases the player’s damage output when their health is below a certain threshold.

death sentence dodge build payday 2

To maximize the effectiveness of the Izhma 12g Shotgun in the Death Sentence Dodge Build, it is recommended to equip weapon mods and attachments that increase accuracy and damage output. This includes silencers, extended magazines, and laser sights.

2. Rifle Rush

The Rifle Rush Dodge build is a character build for Payday 2 that focuses on mobility and survivability. This build relies heavily on the use of the dodge skill, which allows the player to quickly move around the map and avoid damage. Additionally, the player can equip weapons and armor that gives bonuses to dodge and other defensive stats.

The player can equip weapons such as the CAR-4 AR or AK5 assault rifles and shotguns. These weapons offer a great balance between mobility and firepower, and they can be used to quickly take out enemies while on the move.

3. Sniper Mania

Sniper Mania Dodge Build in Payday 2 is a unique build that focuses on making the player more agile and difficult to hit. In this build, Desertfox Sniper Rifle is the best primary weapon. 

Sniper Mania dodge build payday 2

The Desertfox Sniper Rifle is the perfect firearm for any avid shooter or hunter. Its design is based on the classic Remington 700, but with some modern twists to give it a unique edge. The Desertfox comes with a full-length, 24-inch bull barrel with precision rifling to give you the most accurate shot possible. 

The rifle is also equipped with a two-stage trigger and a 20-MOA Picatinny rail for mounting optics or accessories. Additionally, the Desertfox has a 5-position adjustable gas system for reliable cycling and adjustable muzzle brake for reducing recoil.

Which Melee Weapon is Best for a Good Payday 2 Dodge Build?

A reliable melee weapon is crucial in dodge build gameplay [1], where fast-paced action requires heavy reliance on such weapons. Optimal choices range from knives to brass knuckles.

Can I Take the Grenade Launcher As a Secondary in Dodge Builds?

To achieve the perfect dodge build, a high-concealment weapon is advantageous, although a weapon with low concealment like a Grenade Launcher can also be useful. 

With its outstanding performance, the Grenade Launcher is one of the top weapons in Payday 2 and a valuable asset to have in your arsenal.


When using dodge builds in Payday 2, it is important to remember that these builds are best used in the right situation. 

If you are playing a heist where stealth is important, then a dodge build can be incredibly useful for avoiding detection and taking down enemies efficiently. Thus, it is important to assess the situation and adjust your build accordingly.

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