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Most Recommended Payday 2 Builds

Overkill Software is responsible for the creation of Payday 2, a first-person shooter video game that is played cooperatively and is released by 505 Games. This game is a continuation to Payday: The Heist, which was released in 2011.

The game revolves around a four-person team of criminals, known as the “Payday Gang”, who perform a variety of heists and other criminal activities for money. It features both single-player and co-op game modes. 

The game also features an online leaderboard system that allows players to compare their scores with other players around the world. In this article, we will talk about the popular builds in the game so you can maximize your play in Payday 2!

What are Payday 2 Builds?

Payday 2 builds are specific combinations of skills, equipment, and strategy that players use to create their own unique gameplan for completing heists. By combining different elements of the game, such as weapons, skills, and tactics, players create their own unique strategies to complete heists. 

Payday 2 builds range from simple to complex, with some players opting to focus on a single skill, while others may choose to focus on a combination of multiple skills.

payday 2 build

Builds for Payday 2 focus on maximizing the character’s effectiveness in combat while also giving the character the ability to survive in the game’s intense firefights. 

Players can choose from an array of builds, including sniper, assault, stealth, and support. Each build offers unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right build for your playing style.

The combination of these elements allows players to create powerful builds that can be used to complete heists with greater efficiency. In addition to weapons and special abilities, Payday 2 builds also often incorporate tactics and strategy. 

These tactical elements can be used to create powerful strategies for completing heists. For example, players might choose to focus on stealth tactics, such as avoiding detection and using silenced weapons, or they might choose to focus on a more aggressive approach.

Most Recommended Payday 2 Builds

The most recommended builds for Payday 2 have been compiled by experienced players and experts in the gaming industry. Whether you are a new or experienced player, this list of builds can help you create the perfect character for your game. So, without further ado, here they are:

Stealth Build

The Payday 2 Stealth Build is an incredibly popular and powerful build that allows players to complete missions with utmost stealth, and to remain undetected during the entire process. 

This is a build that takes a lot of practice and dedication to master, and it requires players to be creative and resourceful when it comes to completing their objectives.

Stealth Build Payday 2 Builds

The first step to creating the perfect Stealth Build is to choose the right primary weapon. It is important to keep in mind that the primary weapon should be one that will provide the most damage, while also being silent when firing. 

Pistols, sawed-off shotguns, and SMGs are all excellent choices for a primary weapon in the Stealth Build. The second step is to select a secondary weapon that will provide additional firepower if needed. This secondary weapon should be chosen with the same criteria in mind as the primary weapon; it should be powerful and silent. 

A silenced rifle or a silenced sniper rifle are both excellent choices for a secondary weapon in the Stealth Build. The third step is to choose the right gear. Players will need to choose the best body armor and equipment to ensure that they remain undetected. 

Lightweight body armor and a silenced gas mask are essential for this build, as they allow players to remain concealed while still being able to move quickly and silently. Additionally, a silenced handgun should be carried in case a player needs to take down an enemy quickly. 

The final step is to practice and refine the build. This is where players will need to become creative and resourceful in order to come up with new strategies and techniques that will help them remain undetected. 

This is also a great opportunity to experiment with different weapons and gear in order to find what works best for each mission.

Stoic Build

Stoic Build Payda

This is a character build designed for players who want to stay alive and survive long heists. It emphasizes defensive play, using skills and weapons to maximize survivability. The Payday 2 Stoic Build is designed for players who want to be able to take on any situation and come out unscathed.

At its core, the Stoic Build is designed to minimize damage taken. Players should focus on taking cover behind objects and using the environment to their advantage. This means using cover to create choke points, using cover to block line of sight, and staying out of the line of fire. 

In addition to defensive play, the Stoic Build also focuses on maintaining a high health pool. This means investing in skills like Health Regen and Toughness, which increase the player’s maximum health and the rate at which it is replenished. 

The Stoic Build also emphasizes the use of First Aid Kits, which can be used to quickly recover health during a heist.

Sniper Build

The Payday 2 Sniper Build focuses on increasing the accuracy and damage of the game’s sniper rifles. This build is great for players who prefer sniping as it allows them to take out enemies from long range with deadly accuracy and precision. 

Sniper Build Payday 2

The Payday 2 Sniper Build is based around the stat points allocated for accuracy and damage, as well as the weapon mods available in the game. 

This build also improves the player’s ability to manage recoil. The accuracy stat increases the stability and accuracy of the weapon, while the damage stat increases the damage output of the sniper rifle. 

Weapon mods are also important in this build. The stability mod increases the stability of the weapon, while the damage mod increases the damage output. 

The scope mod increases the range of the weapon, allowing for long-range shots. The optics mod increases the zoom level of the scope, allowing for more precise shots.

Melee Build

This is a well-rounded build designed for players who are looking to maximize their melee damage output. This build focuses on maximizing the damage of your melee weapons, while also increasing your overall survivability. 

It is also designed to allow you to quickly and efficiently take out enemies in close quarters combat.

melee build payday 2

The build focuses on increasing your base damage output with weapons such as the Baseball Bat, the Katana, and the Fire Axe. It also focuses on increasing your speed and overall survivability with skills such as Health Boost, Running from the Law, and Second Wind. 

The build also includes perks such as Carpet Bomber, Martial Arts, and Painkiller, which all increase your overall damage output and survivability. 

By utilizing the Payday 2 Melee Build, players can maximize their melee damage output and survivability in close quarters combat. This build allows you to quickly and efficiently take out enemies, while also allowing you to survive in the heat of battle. 

With the right gear and perks, this build can give you an edge in the game and allow you to quickly and easily take out enemies.

Most Recommended Overpowered Builds in The Co-op Shooter

Anarchist Akimbo

The Anarchist Akimbo is a special dual-wielded submachine gun that can be bought from the Store, or can be found as a rare drop while playing in the game. 

The weapon has a high rate of fire and deals a lot of damage, making it a great choice for close quarters combat. It can also be customized with various mods [1] to make it even more powerful.

Anarchist Akimbo Payday 2

Armorer LMG

The Armorer LMG is a primary weapon in Payday 2, added in the Gage Weapon Pack. It is a low-recoil light machine gun, with a high rate of fire and excellent accuracy. It is a good choice for crowd control, as it can quickly lay down a large amount of fire. 

The Armorer has a large magazine capacity and good damage, but suffers from somewhat slow reload speed and low ammo reserves, making it best suited for short bursts or mid-range combat.

Kingpin Striker

The Kingpin Striker is a unique semi-automatic rifle that is available as a reward for completing the Death Wish difficulty of all heists in the game. 

It has an increased magazine size and a unique suppressor which reduces the noise and reduces the weapon’s recoil.

Stoic KSP Build

This is a build that focuses on survivability and damage reduction. It involves the use of the Stoic Perk Deck, which provides a variety of defensive bonuses and the KSP (Kevlar Shield Protection) armor set which provides a high level of damage reduction. 

The build is designed to allow players to take on the toughest of enemies and survive for long periods of time. This build is best suited for players who want to be able to survive in the most challenging of heists.

Kingpin Rocket Spammer

Kingpin Rocket SpammerPayday 2

The Kingpin Rocket Spammer is a weapon modification that allows you to fire an infinite amount of rockets in rapid succession. This weapon mod is unlocked by completing the “Kingpin” achievement. The achievement involves killing 10 Bulldozers in a single heist. 

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When choosing your build in Payday 2, it is important to consider what type of play style you prefer. Do you prefer to take on a support role, or do you want to be the one leading the charge? 

Knowing what kind of character build you want and then researching all of the available skills and weapons will help you find the perfect build. 

Additionally, it is important to pay attention to the stats of each weapon and skill, as well as understanding how they interact with each other. 

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