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Xbox Game Pass to Bid Farewell to Three Titles in July

In an upcoming departure from the Xbox Game Pass library, three titles are set to bid farewell to subscribers on July 15, as confirmed by Microsoft in an official blog post. Exo One, Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls, and Spelunky 2 will soon be removed from Xbox Game Pass’s console and PC versionsPass.

Game Pass members will be pleased to know they can score a 20% off deal on purchasing these games before they exit the catalog. This silver lining allows avid players to enjoy their favorite titles beyond their Game Pass tenure.

Removing these three games is only the first wave, with the next batch of titles expected to be pulled out by the end of July. 

using Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

As Game Pass subscribers bid farewell to these games, several exciting additions await in July. Grand Theft Auto V was released on July 5, instantly joining the Game Pass catalog. On July 6, McPixel 3 [1] will make its way to the library, followed by Common’hood on July 11 and Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Starting July 6, Xbox Game Pass membership rates will be adjusted. In the United States, Game Pass Ultimate will be priced at $17, a $2 increase from its previous cost of $15. Similarly, the base Game Pass subscription will rise to $11, a $1 increase from $10. PC Game Pass pricing is set to be unchanged.

With the departure of Exo One, Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls, and Spelunky 2 on the horizon, Xbox Game Pass members are encouraged to take advantage of the discounted purchase option before these titles bid their final farewell. 

Stay tuned to our daily news for further updates on upcoming removals and new additions to the Game Pass catalog.

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