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Warzone 2 Receives July 24th Latest Patch with Weapon Nerfs and Bug Fixes

Warzone 2, the popular multiplayer shooter, has released its latest patch notes for the July 24 update, bringing several weapon adjustments and bug fixes. The update aims to fine-tune the gameplay experience, making it more balanced and enjoyable for players.

Among the weapons that received adjustments are the Cronen Squall, X13 Auto, and the Akimbo Basilisk pistols. The Cronen Squall, despite previous nerfing, remained a formidable long-range auto weapon, prompting developers to decrease its maximum damage further, close-range and mid-range damage, and damage multipliers for headshots. 

The X13 Auto pistols, known for their quick time-to-kill and versatility, saw reduced maximum damage alongside a bug fix [1] that improved overall damage. Additionally, the powerful akimbo Basilisk setup, often a player’s go-to choice, received a nerf to its complete damage profile, bringing it more in line with its intended performance.

These weapon adjustments respond to player feedback and the development team’s ongoing commitment to keeping the game balanced and competitive. With the Cronen Squall being a dominant force in long-range engagements, the reduction in damage aims to create room for other assault rifles to thrive. 

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The X13 Auto and Basilisk pistols adjustments seek to address their overwhelming effectiveness, ensuring a fairer playing field for all players.

The July 24 update follows a previous patch on July 17, which addressed bugs related to Armor Plates and Temp V. In addition to these fixes, the recent update tackles a range of weapon adjustments and attachment options. 

The development team at Warzone 2 is continually monitoring gameplay data and player feedback to maintain a dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience.

Alongside the weapon adjustments, the patch notes also include bug fixes to address various issues in the game. Players will no longer encounter problems related to Battle Pass rewards, as the issue impacting the correct distribution of prizes has been resolved. 

Additionally, the update fixed an issue where some players couldn’t access the Battle Pass and another where players were unable to access Division Rewards in Career & Rewards in Warzone Ranked Play. These bug fixes aim to improve the overall stability and performance of the game, ensuring a smoother experience for players.

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Warzone 2, developed by Activision, has become a beloved title in the first-person shooter genre since its release. The game continues to evolve with regular updates and adjustments, providing a fresh and engaging experience for its dedicated player base. 

The developers actively listen to player feedback, implementing changes to enhance the gameplay and address any concerns the community raises.

Players can access the complete patch notes on the game’s blog post, which details all the adjustments made to various weapons, attachments, and bug fixes. As the development team iterates and improves the game’s mechanics, players can look forward to a constantly evolving and exciting Warzone 2 experience.

Warzone 2 remains at the forefront of innovation and player engagement as the gaming landscape changes. With regular updates and a commitment to creating a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience, the game remains a staple in the competitive gaming community. 

As players continue to delve into the action-packed world of Warzone 2, they can expect the game to evolve further with new content, adjustments, and bug fixes, ensuring that Warzone 2 remains a top contender in the multiplayer shooter genre.

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