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Voice-Only FFXIV Streamer Shatters Expectations with Dungeon Triumph

In a stunning display of skill and creativity, a dedicated Final Fantasy XIV streamer has left the gaming community in awe by conquering two demanding dungeons using nothing but their voice commands. The remarkable feat, achieved by content creator JustJourney, showcases both the intricacies of the game and the potential for innovative gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIV, renowned for its complexity and visual splendor, gives players many buttons and effects to navigate during dungeon pulls. Successful players must master their control setups to ensure seamless gameplay. 

While many opt for conventional keyboard and controller configurations, some enthusiasts have gone above and beyond, crafting custom weapon controllers for an immersive experience.

Venturing into uncharted territory, JustJourney dared to reimagine gameplay by relying solely on voice commands as their input mechanism. Tasked with the role of a Dark Knight named Valeria Stormbringer, they embarked on an ambitious journey to conquer two challenging dungeons.

Just Jordy FFXIV gameplay using his Voice

Navigating a world as vast as FFXIV with mere vocal cues was challenging. JustJourney encountered a learning curve in mastering their character’s aggro management as a tank and the intricacies of evading bosses’ area-of-effect abilities. Despite the initial hurdles and a relatively slower pace, their determination proved unyielding.

Calling out commands [1] such as “Move right,” “Turn left,” and “Unleash,” JustJourney maneuvered their character through the trials and tribulations of both Halitali and the Aurum Vale dungeons. The awe-inspiring achievement is particularly noteworthy considering the notorious difficulty of Aurum Vale, which has claimed the success of many seasoned players.

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The daring endeavor was not without its moments of suspense. The slight delay in voice commands occasionally led to unavoidable damage from bosses’ telegraphed attacks. However, the choice of the tank role provided an added layer of defense, minimizing the impact of these challenges.

With unwavering dedication, JustJourney and their party emerged triumphant, successfully clearing both dungeons using voice commands exclusively. The remarkable accomplishment underscores the potential for innovation within the gaming world, reminding us that conventional input methods are not the sole path to victory.

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