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The Division 2 Implements Penalties for Exploit Users, Resetting Illegitimate Progress

In a bid to maintain a fair and balanced gaming environment, the team behind Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has announced stern actions against players who took advantage of a game bug in the latest Descent mode to gain an unfair advantage in terms of experience points (XP) and SHD levels.

Effective immediately, these players will face temporary suspensions, while repeat offenders may face permanent bans.

The development team acknowledged that a specific group of players had been exploiting a loophole in the game, which allowed them to leverage the Ubisoft Connect interface and join another player already engaged in Descent, consequently amassing excessive amounts of XP [1] and SHD levels. 

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Termed as an unfair manipulation, the team has successfully identified the individuals systematically abusing the exploit. Players found guilty of exploiting the bug will immediately be subjected to a two-week suspension. 

Additionally, their accounts will be flagged to impose extended suspension periods for future infractions. It’s crucial to note that repeat offenders will bear the risk of permanent exclusion from The Division 2, indefinitely severing their access to the game.

Furthermore, to level the playing field, the progress made by players through the exploit will be completely reset. This means that any illegitimate advancements gained due to the exploit will be invalid, ensuring all players have an equal opportunity to succeed and compete within the game.

The team’s decisive actions demonstrate their commitment to fostering an environment where skill and dedication are the primary factors determining success. By penalizing those who engaged in exploitative behavior, the developers aim to preserve the integrity of the gaming experience and maintain a balanced community within The Division 2.

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