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Stray’s Feline Adventure Now Available on Xbox, Bringing Cyber-City Mystery to New Players

In an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts, the critically acclaimed cat adventure game “Stray,” developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, has made its way to the Xbox platform. 

Following its initial release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam, this expansion opens up the immersive world of “Stray” to a broader audience. The game will also launch on Mac, adding to its growing accessibility.

“Stray” captured the hearts of gamers and cat lovers alike with its dynamic storyline and meticulously rendered feline companions. It gained significant traction across social media, earning recognition for its authentic portrayal of cats and their behavior. 

Stray trailer

As the second-highest rated game on Steam in 2022, according to Steam250, it stood just behind “Vampire Survivors” and ahead of “God of War 2018.” Multiple BAFTA nominations [1] further underscored the game’s impact.

Players embarking on the journey of “Stray” assume the role of a resourceful stray cat, navigating a cyber-infused cityscape to unveil a puzzling enigma. The urban sprawl is meticulously designed, offering an array of alleys and locales that provide a rich backdrop for exploration. 

The game introduces an unlikely partnership between the cat and a flying drone named B-12, resulting in a compelling duo working to secure their escape to freedom.

Stray on Xbox

Alessandro Barbosa’s review for GameSpot encapsulates the essence of “Stray,” labeling it as an engaging puzzle adventure. While occasionally interrupted by less stellar combat sequences in the first half, the puzzles blend seamlessly into a charming narrative that culminates in a satisfying resolution. 

Barbosa assures that any minor hindrance from combat scenarios does not diminish the game’s allure. The impact of “Stray” lingers well beyond the final credits, leaving players with a resonating experience.

The expansion to the Xbox platform ensures that a wider community of players can embark on this captivating journey of camaraderie and discovery in the heart of a cybernetic city.

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