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Starfield Physical Edition Raises Concerns as Disc Exclusion is Confirmed

In a surprising move, Bethesda has recently confirmed that the physical editions of its highly anticipated space epic, Starfield, will not include an actual disc of the game. Instead, purchasers will find a download code for their chosen platform inside the box. 

The publisher made this revelation through a tweet from its support team, although the tweet has since been deleted, adding more fuel to the already heated discussion.

Upon receiving this news, the gaming community responded with a wave of disappointment and concern. Many voiced their dissatisfaction with the return of what some are calling “non-physical physical editions,” highlighting the growing trend towards a future where archiving games becomes a challenging task without tangible copies. 

The overwhelmingly negative response to this decision was further intensified by the fact that certain advertisements for Starfield’s physical release had explicitly mentioned the inclusion of a disc.


The deletion of the initial tweet has left fans speculating about the situation. It remains unclear whether discussions are taking place within Bethesda or if there has been a breakdown in communication along the chain. 

With hopes of obtaining more direct clarification, gamers are eagerly awaiting an official statement from Bethesda [1] in the coming days. 

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For those who have pre-ordered the lavish $250 Constellation Edition of Starfield, it seems they may have to prepare themselves for a trip to the Microsoft Store and a substantial download on launch day, as a physical disc will be absent from the package.

The absence of a physical disc is not the only disappointment for eager space explorers. The news of no “space fishing” in the game has further added to the discontent among fans. It appears that this deal is growing worse by the minute.

Starfield is set to launch on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S, and while the game itself is generating significant excitement, the controversy surrounding the physical editions is casting a shadow over its imminent release. Gamers now face the dilemma of navigating a future where physical copies may become relics of the past.

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