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Star Wars: The Old Republic Secures Exciting Future as Development Shifts to Broadsword Online Games

In a recent update, BioWare has guaranteed Star Wars: The Old Republic fans that the beloved MMORPG is not entering a dreaded “maintenance mode” despite the change in its development team.

To clear the air and soothe the player base’s concerns and shed light on the game’s transition to Broadsword Online Games, Executive producer Keith Kanneg assured fans that “not much is changing at all” in The Old Republic’s forums. 

Responding to whether the game would be placed in maintenance mode, Kanneg emphatically stated, “Absolutely not. We are actively working on future plans, including exciting storylines and modernization initiatives for the game. We have already upgraded the game to 64-bit and are in the process of migrating the servers to the cloud. Additionally, there are numerous content and technological updates in the pipeline.”

Kanneg emphasized that partnering with a third-party studio offers the development team newfound creative freedom and opens doors to exciting opportunities. He acknowledged the concerns and apprehensions that such a transition could evoke but stressed that this change marks not the beginning of the end but rather “a new beginning” for the game.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Earlier this month, it was reported that development for SWTOR would shift from BioWare to Broadsword, with “more than half” of the development team making the move. Remaining BioWare employees can explore other positions within the game’s publisher, EA [1], though layoffs may be possible.

When The Old Republic launched, it garnered critical acclaim. However, the game later shifted to a free-to-play model due to declining subscribers. Despite this setback, The Old Republic has enjoyed remarkable success, accumulating nearly $1 billion of revenue as of 2019.

While fans eagerly await the release of a remake of the original KOTOR game on PlayStation 5, set in the Old Republic era, the project has encountered its development hurdles and remains indefinitely delayed.

Star Wars: The Old Republic enthusiasts can look forward to a bright future as the game transitions to Broadsword Online Games. With ongoing support, exciting updates, and a passionate team at the helm, the galaxy far away is set to continue its immersive adventures in the beloved MMORPG.

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