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Star Wars Outlaws Teases Return to Tatooine: A Nod to the Galaxy’s Underworld

In a thrilling revelation for Star Wars gaming enthusiasts, Ubisoft’s upcoming title, Star Wars Outlaws, hints at a return to the iconic planet of Tatooine. 

While some fans may express weariness with revisiting this well-known locale, the game’s narrative set in the galaxy’s underworld leaves little room for escape from Tatooine’s grasp.

While an official confirmation is still pending, the recent cinematic stinger unveiled during Ubisoft’s official Outlaws gameplay walkthrough heavily suggests Tatooine as the backdrop for Outlaws. The familiar desert town, adorned with unmistakable Tatooine architecture, serves as the stage where the protagonist, Kay Vess, faces off against a gang of formidable thugs.

Star Wars Outlaws characters

Tatooine’s prevalence in five prominent Star Wars films has led to mixed sentiments among fans. The barren planet, initially characterized as a desolate wasteland, has become a recurring presence across various Star Wars media, often utilized to evoke the nostalgic ambiance of the films, sometimes at the expense of narrative coherence. 

Understandably, the repeated appearances of Tatooine have left fans yearning for new and unexplored locales.

Yet, Star Wars Outlaws may hold an ingenious card up its sleeve, as the game’s compelling storyline practically necessitates a visit to Tatooine. Positioned between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Outlaws revolves around the intricate management of relationships with criminal factions, prominently including the notorious Hutts. 

Naturally, Jabba the Hutt, the kingpin of the Hutts, maintains his opulent palace on none other than Tatooine. 

Despite the galaxy at large paying little attention to this remote planet, its significance as a haven for outlaws aligns perfectly with the game’s core themes.

Star Wars Outlaws - official gameplay

Given the tantalizing glimpses from the cinematic trailer, speculation mounts as to whether players will have substantial interactions with Jabba himself. The sight of Han Solo encased in carbonite and a hauntingly familiar rancor creature sets the tone for the game and raises the possibility of players tangentially participating in the events surrounding the iconic films.

As fans eagerly await further details and official announcements from Ubisoft [1], the potential return to Tatooine in Star Wars Outlaws promises an intriguing exploration of the galaxy’s criminal underbelly. 

While Tatooine’s inclusion may be met with mixed reactions, the allure of navigating its treacherous dunes and engaging with the enigmatic Jabba the Hutt is undoubtedly an enticing prospect for any aspiring outlaw in the Star Wars universe.

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