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Skyblivion Marks Eight Years of Development, Sets Sights on 2025 Release

In an impressive display of unwavering dedication, the volunteer team behind the Skyrim/Oblivion mod, Skyblivion, recently reached a significant milestone, celebrating eight years of relentless work. 

While the project still has some ground to cover, the dedicated modders may be ready to unveil their creation sometime in 2025.

For those following Skyblivion’s Twitter page, a series of captivating screenshots showcasing the mod’s progress has been shared. The anticipation for this ambitious Elder Scrolls fan project to reach completion has been mounting, but there are still a few more strides to be made. Nevertheless, the glimpses provided thus far promise an experience worth the wait.

Elder Scrolls Skyblivion

Skyblivion’s ultimate goal is to breathe new life into the iconic game Oblivion by remaking it within the Skyrim engine, imbuing it with a modern visual flair. Admittedly, Skyrim’s Creation Engine, even at this stage, is beginning to show its age.

 Still, this endeavor will undoubtedly revitalize the legendary Bethesda RPG [1], which has already been enchanting players for 17 years. It is a monumental undertaking orchestrated by a team of passionate fans.

Considering the continuous work poured into the project over the past eight years, one could trace its origins back to 2015. However, official development for Skyblivion began in 2012 with the release of version 0.1. By 2014, the project had entered a more stable phase, steadily progressing.

Skyblivion will be released free of charge. The only prerequisite is the possession of legitimate copies of Skyrim and Oblivion, alongside all official DLCs. It is poised to become one of the most ambitious fan-made mods ever. Stay up to date on the latest developments by joining the vibrant Skyblivion Discord server.

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