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Unveiling the Secrets of the Infinite Helicopter: A Tears of the Kingdom Master Builder’s Journey

Since its release over a month ago, Tears of the Kingdom has captured the imagination of players worldwide with its remarkable building mechanics. 

The game’s subreddit, r/HyruleEngineering, has become a hub of creativity, showcasing many awe-inspiring vehicles, ranging from ingenious contraptions utilizing Zonai technology to laser-equipped marvels designed to defeat any adversary. As the community continues to push the boundaries of imagination, one builder has stepped into the spotlight to share her secrets.

Enter Zaytri, a gifted engineer and content creator whose creations have taken social media platforms by storm. Zaytri, a lifelong fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, was instantly drawn to Tears of the Kingdom’s building mechanics, which reminded her of her previous experiences crafting complex machines in Minecraft and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.

Tears of the Kingdom Infinite Helicopter

Zaytri’s journey into the world of extraordinary machines in Tears of the Kingdom began with an ambitious project: a colossal wheel. Inspired by a video, she stumbled upon featuring a speedy land vehicle with Link standing on a platform outside the wheel. 

Zaytri sought to take it further. “I wanted to create a design where Link was inside the wheel itself, and surprisingly, it worked brilliantly in a straight line,” Zaytri recalls. However, she discovered that maneuvering the wheel became challenging when attempting turns, resulting in losing control.

Driven by a desire for uniqueness and innovation, Zaytri’s quest for novel creations led to a breakthrough. She discovered the fusion of objects with shrines, effectively linking her weapons with other elements. 

She fused a propeller from Gemimik Shrine and retrieved it from the shrine. Realizing the immense potential of her discovery, she envisioned an electric motor in her designs.

Designing the hybrid helicopter, Zaytri’s most iconic creation, was no easy task. Countless hours were dedicated to trial and error, seeking ways to harness electric batteries’ power and ensure vehicle stability. Zaytri’s hybrid helicopter design became the groundbreaking proof of concept that propelled her into the spotlight of the Tears of the Kingdom community.

ascending Infinite Helicopter

Beyond the infinite flying capabilities of her helicopter, Zaytri’s ingenuity extends to other impressive machines. One of her favorites is an energy-efficient electric witch’s broom, crafted using the same propellers and motors as her helicopter. 

While it does not possess infinite flight capabilities, the broom allows for long-distance travel and holds a special place in Zaytri’s heart due to its aesthetic appeal.

While some builders focus on creating colossal weapons or functional structures, Zaytri remains dedicated to developing versatile vehicles capable of navigating various terrains. She admits to facing challenges when constructing a well-balanced hybrid car that can effortlessly traverse uneven landscapes. 

Furthermore, Zaytri has refined her original hybrid helicopter design to withstand rainy conditions, ensuring safe flying in all weather.

As an accomplished software engineer, Zaytri emphasizes that her success in Tears of the Kingdom’s building mechanics [1] stems from the game’s fantastical universe rather than real-world physics knowledge. The absence of severe consequences for failed builds within the game allows builders like Zaytri to embrace a trial-and-error approach, resulting in valuable learning experiences.

operating Infinite Helicopter

Zaytri offers valuable advice to aspiring builders looking to create intricate machinery. She stresses the importance of testing individual components before integrating them into larger designs to avoid catastrophic failures. 

Additionally, Zaytri encourages builders to become acquainted with the stabilizer, a component with remarkable physics-defying capabilities that can enhance stability in otherwise precarious builds.

Many builders struggle with small wooden wheels. Zaytri advises attaching the center of the wheels to the ends of wooden beams, allowing for proper spinning. She also suggested delving into the depths of the Yiga clan, where schematics and insights into building possibilities can be found.

Zaytri’s remarkable journey as a Tears of the Kingdom builder inspires and encourages players to push the boundaries of their creativity. Her passion for uniqueness, dedication to innovation, and willingness to embrace the iterative process of trial and error serve as a testament to the limitless possibilities awaiting builders within the game’s fantastical universe. As the community thrives, one can only imagine the extraordinary creations ahead.

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