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Modder Defends Aspyr’s Decision to Cancel KOTOR 2 Restored Content DLC

In a recent turn of events surrounding the Restored Content DLC for the Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords, a modder involved in its creation has come forward to defend Aspyr Media’s decision to cancel the DLC. 

The modder’s remarks shed new light on the situation, dispelling rumors and providing insights into their positive experience working with Aspyr.

The controversy began when Aspyr announced that the Restored Content DLC would not move forward, leaving fans disappointed and seeking answers. 

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Amidst the discontent, a comment emerged on the KOTOR subreddit, suggesting that higher-ups at Aspyr had decided against giving credit to the modding team, leading to the cancellation. However, the modder, known as zbyl2, vehemently denied this claim.

Zbyl2, crucial in creating the Restored Content DLC, took to the subreddit to address the rumors head-on. They stated that they have created the mod [1] and that the statement from the said comment is completely false.

The modder further clarified that Aspyr was great to work with and had offered to credit the entire team long before it was requested.

The modder’s testimony provides a contrasting perspective to the disappointment expressed by fans following Aspyr’s decision. While some players had been quick to assign blame to the game’s publisher, zbyl2’s comments highlight a positive working relationship with Aspyr and refute the notion that the cancellation was motivated by a lack of credit for the modding team.

Aspyr, however, has yet to respond formally to the feedback from fans who have expressed a preference for refunds over replacement game keys. The publisher’s silence on this matter has left players awaiting further updates.

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In related news, recent speculation surrounding the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake has caught attention. During an investor briefing held by Embracer, the publisher of the remake, CEO Lars Wingefors chose not to provide any additional comments when asked about the game’s development status. 

Last year, reports suggested internal struggles and delays for the remake, leading to a change in development studios from Aspyr Media to Saber Interactive.

As the situation unfolds, fans of the beloved Knights of the Old Republic series eagerly await further information from Aspyr regarding the Restored Content DLC cancellation. Embracer’s stance on the highly anticipated KOTOR remake remains a subject of interest.

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