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Pokemon Go Players Express Frustration as Hidden Gems Season Launches with Familiar Spawn Pools

The latest season of Pokemon Go, known as Hidden Gems, began on June 1, bringing a fresh wave of excitement for players worldwide. However, as trainers eagerly explored the virtual world, many were disappointed and frustrated by the lack of significant changes in the spawn pools.

In a Reddit post on the Pokemon Go subreddit, user Miserable_Waterfall voiced their disappointment, noting that the spawn pool in the Hidden Gems season closely resembled the previous Rising Heroes season. 

The user expressed surprise that particular Pokemon, such as Yungoos, were still included in the pool despite players’ hopes for new and varied encounters.

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Miserable_Waterfall’s observations were echoed by several others, with some players sharing their discontent about encountering familiar Pokemon like Tangela, Seedot, and Roselia, which were prevalent in the previous season. 

One player even lamented their first encounter in the new season is a Bunnelby, further exacerbating their sense of repetition and monotony.

This isn’t the first time Pokemon Go players have expressed frustration with the spawn pools. In the previous season, some trainers grew bored with the need for more variety. The recurrence of similar spawns in the Hidden Gems season has only deepened these concerns, leaving players craving fresh experiences and new encounters.

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While the Hidden Gems season brought some changes, such as adjustments to the price of Remote Raid passes, players hoped for more substantial alterations to the spawn pools. 

The lack of noticeable differences has left some trainers feeling disillusioned, as they were eager for the start of the new season to breathe new life into the game.

As players continue their Pokemon Go journeys, they hope that Niantic [1], the developers behind the game, will address these concerns and introduce more diverse spawn pools that genuinely reflect the theme and spirit of the Hidden Gems season. 

Until then, trainers may find themselves yearning for the thrill of encountering rare and elusive creatures that embody the game’s essence.

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