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Persona 3 Remake Introduces New Voice Cast for Characters

During the highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase, Atlus officially unveiled Persona 3 Reload, a remake of the beloved RPG title. The accompanying trailer showcased the game’s revamped visuals reminiscent of Persona 5, as well as its reimagined combat-exploration mechanics.

One notable change in this remake is the introduction of a new voice cast for the characters, with the voice actors excitedly sharing their roles after the announcement.

Here’s a breakdown of the new voice actors with their respective characters in Persona 3 Reload:

Persona 3

While the old voice cast has been well-regarded and largely returned to their roles in various Persona 3 spin-offs and follow-ups including Persona 3: Dancing In Moonlight, and Persona 4 Arena and Ultimax, and Persona Q, the decision to recast the roles in Persona 3 Reload stems from the game’s reimagining and the need for a fresh approach.

Furthermore, due to Vic Mignogna’s sexual misconduct acussations and legal issues [1], the development team opted for a new slate of voice actors.

Persona 3 trailer

Persona 3 Reload is slated for release in early 2024 and will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In addition, fans can look forward to Persona 5 Tactica, a strategy-RPG spin-off featuring the Phantom Thieves, along with new characters, scheduled for release on November 17 of this year.

Atlus also surprised fans by unveiling Metaphor: ReFantazio, a new IP with familiar stylings previously known as Project Re: Fantasy by Studio Zero. The game is being developed by a group of ex-Persona developers and has piqued the interest of fans eager to see their unique vision come to life.

As fans eagerly await the remake of Persona 3, the introduction of a new voice cast signals an exciting new chapter for this beloved RPG title.

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