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Overwatch 2 Community Voices Displeasure Over Questwatch Mode’s Lackluster Features

Overwatch 2 players have recently expressed discontent with the Questwatch mode introduced in Season 5, criticizing its lackluster and uninspiring features, particularly the absence of new voice lines.

Season 5 of Overwatch 2 brought an array of content to Blizzard’s popular hero shooter, themed around medieval RPG elements, alongside introducing a new battle pass and a mythic skin for Tracer. The season promised exciting seasonal events as well as new game modes, including the anticipated Winston’s Beach Volleyball mode as part of the Summer Games.

One notable addition in Season 5 was the Questwatch mode, a DnD-inspired campaign led by Tracer’s girlfriend, Emily. This mode aimed to gradually unveil more story elements as players progressed through the battle pass. Additionally, players could complete challenges within Questwatch to earn rewards such as experience points and Overwatch credits.

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The primary method of participation in this game mode is reading the dialogue presented by Emily, Tracer, and Orisa as they embark on their journey. However, numerous players have raised concerns regarding the lack of voiced dialogue in Questwatch, leading to criticism directed at Blizzard.

As the season progresses, many players have significantly gone in the battle pass and advanced through the Questwatch story. Unfortunately, their findings have left them dissatisfied.

“I’ve just reached the midway point in Questwatch, specifically the mythic mines, and the only character with voiced lines is Tracer,” expressed one frustrated player. “All the others are just mediocre text boxes… It feels like a lazy and half-hearted comic book rather than a PvE experience.” 

This sentiment was echoed by several commenters who supported the original poster’s viewpoint, expressing their disappointment with Questwatch’s overall quality.

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“Questwatch may have been intended as an additional treat, but it feels lackluster and dull,” replied one player.

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“I’m not particularly bothered by the absence of voicelines. What bothers me is the blatant lack of effort in the writing,” another user said.

Drawing attention to a missed opportunity, a commenter noted that Matthew Mercer, the voice actor for Cassidy, is well-known for his role as a dungeon master in the top-rated D&D series, Critical Role. They suggested that having a fully voiced campaign with Mercer as the dungeon master would have been a seamless fit for Questwatch.

While Questwatch has received criticism from players thus far, it is essential to note that Season 5 is not yet over. Blizzard [1] still has the Summer Games event and the upcoming Mischief and Magic content to address the community’s concerns and potentially make amends.

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