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Nintendo Unveils Bowser and Bowser Jr.’s Official Ages, Leaving Mario Canon in Disarray

In a surprising turn of events, Nintendo has officially disclosed the ages of two iconic characters from the Mario franchise, Bowser and Bowser Jr. The revelation has sent shockwaves through the gaming community, leaving fans scratching their heads as the new information challenges the established Mario canon.

The unexpected confirmation of Bowser and Bowser Jr.’s ages came to light in a recent instructional video posted on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel, guiding viewers on creating a Nintendo account.

Adhering to Nintendo’s trademark cuteness, the video showcased examples featuring the notorious father-son duo, inadvertently unraveling a puzzle within the Mario universe [1].

MarioBrothBlog, a vigilant Mario enthusiast, quickly spotted the telling details in the video. As viewers were walked through the account creation process, both characters’ birthdays were visibly presented, sparking intrigue due to their inconsistencies with existing Mario lore.

Bowser and Bowser Jr.

According to Nintendo’s account, Bowser was born on February 5, 1989, making him a mere 34 years old at the time of publication. In contrast, Bowser Jr.’s alleged birthdate is stated as March 3, 2010, indicating that he recently celebrated his 13th birthday.

The revelation immediately sparked confusion among fans, as it directly contradicts the established timeline of the Mario series. For example, Bowser Jr. debuted in the beloved Super Mario Sunshine in 2002, implying he cannot be younger than 21. 

Similarly, Bowser made his first appearance a staggering 38 years ago in 1985’s Super Mario Bros., which defies the notion of him being only 34 years old.

Theories attempt to reconcile the new information, but the truth remains elusive without any contextual clues from Nintendo.

Some fans even argue that time may not progress within the Mario universe, explaining why characters never seem to age despite the passing of real-world decades. Nevertheless, the lack of consistency and coherent explanation surrounding the ages of Bowser and Bowser Jr. has led many to question the intricacies of the Mario canon itself.

Bowser and Bowser Jr. talking

While fans endeavor to make sense of the situation, it is evident that Nintendo’s revelation of these seemingly incongruous birthdays might have been haphazardly executed. 

Furthermore, it appears that the intricate details of the Mario canon were not given much consideration, suggesting that the canonical timeline may be more than a convoluted assortment of whimsical elements. 

Ultimately, as the sole proprietor of the Mario intellectual property, Nintendo wields the power to dictate the rules, regardless of any compelling evidence by fans.

As the Mario saga continues to captivate audiences worldwide, fans will keep a watchful eye on any future developments from Nintendo, hoping for more transparent explanations or further revelations to shed light on the perplexing age discrepancies within the Mario universe.

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