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Mila Kunis and Blizzard Unite to Support Ukraine with World of Warcraft Charity Pet Pack

In a heartwarming move, Blizzard Entertainment, the mastermind behind World of Warcraft, has partnered with Ukrainian-born actor Mila Kunis to create a unique “charity pet pack” benefiting Ukraine. 

This limited bundle, adorned with the hues of the Ukrainian flag, aims to assist the war-torn country by offering players two lovable pets in the virtual world of Azeroth. The charity pet pack includes Sunny, a golden retriever, and Flurky, a Murloc clutching a sunflower, symbolizing Ukraine’s national flower. 

Priced at $20, this bundle is for sale to avid players of World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic only until August 29. To amplify their contribution, players also have the option to extend extra cash of their choice at checkout. The proceeds of these donations will be directed to BlueCheck, a non-profit organization supporting on-the-ground efforts in Ukraine.

Pet Pack For Ukraine

Mila Kunis, a well-known advocate for humanitarian causes, expressed her excitement for the initiative and emphasized the urgent need to support the people of Ukraine. BlueCheck is vital in providing essential resources to locally vetted groups, including medical aid and humanitarian assistance, as Ukraine continues to face challenging circumstances.

“The World of Warcraft community is the first gaming community I was ever a part of, with strangers who didn’t care who or what I was—I know how giving they can be, and what they can achieve when we work together,” Kunis stated. “I’m proud to be making a difference to countless lives in Ukraine alongside them.”

The devastating conflict arose in February 2022 when Russia waged war on its neighboring country Ukraine, prompting numerous video game studios to rally behind humanitarian efforts in the region. Over a year later, this collaboration between Mila Kunis and Blizzard Entertainment [1] serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle for Ukraine’s independence and the unwavering solidarity of the gaming community.

Mila Kunis

For World of Warcraft players, this charity pet pack presents an opportunity to contribute to a good cause while embracing their love for the game. By purchasing these virtual companions, they directly contribute to the support of Ukraine and its people.

In the realm of Azeroth, players have also been intrigued by the recent reintroduction of World of Warcraft’s controversial item, as a raid ring fetched an astounding price of $13,000 in gold. While some fans debate the worthiness of such acquisitions, the World of Warcraft community stands united in their dedication to positively impacting the real world.

With the World of Warcraft Ukraine charity pet pack, gamers can help bring assistance to a nation in need. 

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