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Left 4 Dead Creators Turtle Rock Teases New Game: Is Another Back 4 Blood on the Horizon?

Turtle Rock, the studio known for its work on the beloved Left 4 Dead franchise, is again gearing up for a new project that has left fans excited. A recent job listing on Glassdoor for a Senior Combat Designer at the studio has shed light on their latest endeavor, sparking speculations that it might just be another Back 4 Blood game.

The job listing explicitly mentions a preference for candidates with a passion for “specifically FPS, Co-op, and Multiplayer games,” along with experience developing first-person shooting and melee gameplay. 

These details resemble the elements that made Back 4 Blood a smashing success in 2021. The game was a revival of the iconic Left 4 Dead genre, developed by veterans who were instrumental in creating the original game at Valve and subsequently founding Turtle Rock.

While concrete information about the new game remains scarce, fans are already buzzing with excitement and conjectures. Will it be Back 5 Blood, Back 4 More Blood, or possibly even Back 4 Blood 2, following the naming conventions of the Left 4 Dead series? The possibilities are endless, and the anticipation is palpable.

Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock recently wrapped up development on three DLC expansions for Back 4 Blood in December 2022. However, the studio has decided to take a different direction, focusing on a brand-new game instead of producing additional DLC content. 

Acknowledging its relatively small size for a studio handling AAA projects [1], Turtle Rock redirected its resources toward creating a fresh and innovative gaming experience.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits further updates, Turtle Rock’s expertise and reputation make the prospect of a new Back 4 Blood game all the more enticing. Their dedication to delivering top-tier co-op, multiplayer, and melee gameplay has not gone unnoticed, and fans are confident that the studio’s latest venture will live up to expectations.

While we await an official announcement from Turtle Rock, the gaming world remains excited, ready to embark on a new adventure filled with zombies, teamwork, and heart-pounding action.

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