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Hi-Fi Rush Game Director Clarifies Platform Exclusivity Amid Microsoft Acquisition

In a recent interview with GameSpot at Anime Expo 2023, Hi-Fi Rush game director John Johanas addressed concerns about platform exclusivity following the Microsoft acquisition of publisher Bethesda Softworks. 

Johanas revealed no prior plans to launch the game on platforms other than Xbox and PC, and the decision to make it an Xbox exclusive came late into the game’s development process.

Johanas explained that at the time of the Microsoft purchase, the team was still undecided on which platform to release Hi-Fi Rush. Addressing concerns about Microsoft’s influence on the development process, Johanas stated that the tech giant was remarkably hands-off. 

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Following the acquisition, no significant changes or feedback from Microsoft impacted the game’s direction. “Legitimately, there was no change,” Johanas emphasized. 

“We just kept making it, and we didn’t get any feedback from Microsoft in the sense of changing something.” By the time Microsoft came into the picture, Hi-Fi Rush was already in its advanced stages of development, and the team was focused on polishing the game.

Johanas further revealed that the only hurdle Tango Gameworks, the developer behind Hi-Fi Rush, faced with Microsoft was finding an optimal release window to avoid overlapping with other titles. 

The collaboration with Xbox also brought the added benefit of being included in the Game Pass [1], which Johanas described as a positive experience for the team. The surprise day-one release on Game Pass allowed players to experience Hi-Fi Rush without preconceived notions or undue criticism. This approach allowed the developers to showcase their unique creations without the pressure of nitpicking.

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The discussion around platform exclusivity has been prevalent, with Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda raising questions about future game releases. While Microsoft has pledged to keep significant franchises like Call of Duty multiplatform, concerns have been raised following the FTC trial, particularly regarding the exclusivity of titles such as Starfield.

Hi-Fi Rush, a pleasant surprise in early 2023, was released in January as an Xbox and PC exclusive. The game has recently received an update introducing a new challenge mode, further enhancing the gameplay experience for fans.

It is evident from Johanas’ comments that the decision to make Hi-Fi Rush an Xbox exclusive resulted from the circumstances surrounding the acquisition and the game’s development timeline. 

Microsoft’s involvement, post-acquisition, was minimal, allowing Tango Gameworks to maintain its creative vision and deliver an exceptional gaming experience. As the gaming community eagerly anticipates upcoming releases, it remains to be seen how Microsoft’s acquisitions will shape the landscape of platform exclusivity.

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