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Hades Speedrunner Achieves the Impossible: Conquering the 64 Heat Challenge

In a breathtaking feat that has astonished the gaming community, renowned speedrunner Jade, also known as AngeL1C, has achieved the seemingly impossible in Hades. Considered statistically improbable, Jade has become the first player to conquer the formidable 64 Heat challenge, shattering the belief that this ultimate difficulty was insurmountable.

The Pact of Punishment, an advanced feature in Hades, allows players to increase the game’s difficulty by applying various conditions, such as boosting enemy health and introducing new boss mechanics. 

However, reaching the pinnacle of the challenge involves activating every condition, resulting in the dreaded 64 Heat setting. This difficulty level is not for the faint of heart, as it demands unparalleled skill, precision, and, perhaps most crucially, an extraordinary stroke of luck.

Just last week, content creator Dan Haelian posted a video titled “Why no one has beaten the max heat in Hades or probably ever will,” explaining the almost insurmountable obstacles players face in a 64 Heat run. 

Hades Speedrun

One of the most significant challenges is the addition of a timer that rapidly drains health if it runs out, necessitating a specific combination of Boons, divine upgrades granted to the protagonist Zagreus by the gods, to deal sufficient damage in the limited time. 

The unpredictable nature of Hades, driven by RNG (random number generation), means the chances of a successful run are minuscule—approximately 0.0147% for any given attempt, equivalent to a potential victory every 83 hours.

However, Jade, fueled by unwavering determination, defied the odds and achieved this remarkable feat after a mere 51 minutes of attempts. Her triumph has left the gaming community in awe of her skill and determination, proving that perseverance and dedication can overcome even the most daunting challenges.

Jade’s successful run, meticulously showcased in her YouTube video titled “HADES 64 HEAT UNSEEDED UNMODDED (Thought to be IMPOSSIBLE),” demonstrated not only her exceptional gameplay [1] but also her humble recognition of the staggering amount of luck required to achieve such a victory. 

In the description of her video, she playfully declared herself “a f—ing legend at this videogame”. She expressed her gratitude for the fortunate circumstances that aligned in her favor.

Hades Speedrun gameplay

During the legendary run, Jade strategically utilized The Aspect of Zeus Shield, allowing Zagreus to spin and damage surrounding enemies while retaining the ability to block incoming attacks. 

Combining this with the Explosive Return upgrade, causing an explosion upon the shield’s return, and a Zeus upgrade that summoned lightning bolts during the spinning attack, Jade’s gameplay showcased a masterful understanding of the game’s mechanics.

With her achievement, Jade has cemented her place in Hades’ history, proving that the seemingly impossible 64 Heat challenge is within the reach of dedicated and skilled players. Her accomplishment will undoubtedly inspire other speedrunners and players to push the boundaries of what was once impossible in this critically acclaimed rogue-like masterpiece.

Hades continues to captivate and challenge players on various platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. As the gaming world celebrates Jade’s triumph, the community eagerly awaits future endeavors and attempts to conquer the depths of the Underworld in this gripping and challenging game.

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