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Fortnite x Futurama: The Wacky Crossover of the Century

Fortnite, the ever-popular free-to-play battle royale game, has once again outdone itself with an unexpected and exciting new crossover. Epic Games has just announced that they are bringing the beloved animated comedy series Futurama into the Fortnite universe, and fans are excitedly buzzing.

For those unfamiliar with Futurama, the show follows the adventures of a man named Fry, who accidentally finds himself in the distant future through a mishap with cryogenics and a prank pizza delivery. 

The series was created by Matt Groening, the mastermind behind The Simpsons, and David X. Cohen. Futurama features a quirky and endearing cast of characters, including Bender, the drinking robot, Leelat, and the hilariously clueless Captain Zapp Brannigan.


Futurama has enjoyed a tumultuous journey since its debut in 1999, with several cancellations and revivals. As the show embarks on its eleventh season, it finds a new home in Fortnite, allowing players to interact with their favorite characters and elements from the series.

The announcement came as a short teaser on the official Fortnite Twitter account. The teaser showcased the iconic Planet Express delivery spaceship hurtling toward a towering building displaying the mesmerizing Hypnotoad, another beloved character from the Futurama universe. In classic Futurama style, the spaceship crashes into the digital billboard, destroying it.

Epic Games [1] has kept fans on their toes, providing only a sneak peek of what’s to come. Speculation is rife about the contents of the Futurama x Fortnite collaboration, with fans hoping for the appearance of iconic characters like Fry, Bender, Leela, and even the mischievous Robot Devil. 

The teaser also revealed a Planet Express glider, hinting at other potential in-game items, such as the Mind-Control Parasite Back Bling and Nibbler Back Bling.

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Futurama x Fortnite

The big day for this animated crossover is July 26, 2023. The Fortnite x Futurama collaboration will likely include an array of skins, emotes, and cosmetic items that players can’t wait to get their hands on. Past collaborations in Fortnite have often featured free items, and fans hope for the same generosity this time.

Futurama’s arrival in Fortnite adds another exciting dimension to the game’s ever-growing list of pop culture crossovers. Previous collaborations have seen the likes of Rick and Morty, Marvel superheroes, My Hero Academia, Stranger Things, and many more. Fortnite has become a unique platform for franchises to build hype ahead of their respective releases, and the inclusion of Futurama is undoubtedly an ingenious move by Epic Games.

As Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 continues, players eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Futurama content and all the hilarity and sci-fi shenanigans it will bring to the battlefield. 

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