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Final Fantasy 16 Fans Voice Discontent Over Lackluster Weapon System and Absence of Sword Upgrades

Final Fantasy 16 has garnered widespread acclaim in recent weeks, captivating players with its thrilling action-oriented gameplay. While the game has successfully embraced a new direction, departing from its traditional RPG roots, it has also disappointed some fans who have grown fond of certain franchise elements.

One aspect of Final Fantasy 16 that has drawn criticism from players is its equipment and weapon system, which is deemed lacking in depth. With only two significant stats per item, players frequently discard older equipment in favor of items with higher numerical values. 

Regrettably, there appears to be no compelling reason to hold onto beloved swords or other weapons beyond personal preference.

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The issue gained traction within the Final Fantasy subreddit, where players cleverly employed a Gravity Falls meme template to depict swords as “worthless satirically.” A post requesting an upgrade system to address this shortcoming has garnered considerable attention, receiving over 700 likes at the time of writing.

Throughout their journey in Final Fantasy 16, players are rewarded with visually striking elemental swords inspired by powerful creatures known as Eikons. These swords are prestigious tokens of achievement, displayed prominently on the character’s back. 

However, as the story progresses, these coveted weapons are swiftly outpaced by more robust alternatives, rendering them obsolete and igniting frustration among the player base.

“I find it incredibly frustrating to return to base and realize that my cherished purple sword is already inferior to a white or green one,” expressed one Redditor, reflecting the sentiments of many players.

Another player lamented the perceived insignificance of the crafting system, stating, “The crafting system in this game feels utterly useless. Just follow the main story, and you’ll stumble upon a better sword eventually.” Yet another criticized the overall design, considering it an “afterthought” rather than a fully realized game aspect.

FF16 battle with Svarog

It would undoubtedly enhance the gameplay experience for Final Fantasy 16 enthusiasts if they could retain and upgrade their cherished swords, even if solely for aesthetic reasons. 

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Suggestions have arisen, such as implementing a Transmog system that would allow players to alter the appearance of their weapon while benefiting from improved statistics. 

It is hoped that the development team at Square Enix [1] will listen to the community’s feedback and explore potential avenues for expanding and enriching the game’s equipment and weapon system.

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