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Final Fantasy 14 Players Divided Over the Addition of Beastmaster Job, Series Creator Weighs In

The Final Fantasy 14 community is buzzing with excitement and debate following series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s plea to the game’s director and producer, Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida, to add the Beastmaster job to the popular MMO.

During a special interview commemorating Final Fantasy’s 35th anniversary, Sakaguchi, alongside other development team members, fondly recalled the creation of various jobs for 1992’s Final Fantasy 5, which included the beloved Beastmaster class. 

In Final Fantasy 5, the Beastmaster allowed players to capture low HP monsters and use them as allies in battles, similar to the Pokémon franchise.

“I would like these in FF14, too,” Sakaguchi expressed in a somewhat playful manner. Yet, his suggestion has ignited fervent discussions among players, focusing not on whether Beastmasters should be added but rather on the scope of their inclusion.

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Many players advocate for Beastmasters to be classified as limited jobs like Blue Mages. Limited Jobs in FF14 have unique mechanics and are barred from regular progression content, allowing for more experimentation and unorthodox abilities. 

Blue Mages, as the sole limited job currently in the game, can learn spells from defeated enemies, creating a vast and versatile spellbook.

“I’d honestly prefer BM to be a Limited Job,” stated Reddit user Davajita, emphasizing the appeal of a collection aspect and suggesting a potential mini-game like the one introduced for Blue Mages.

Conversely, some players argue that Beastmasters should be fully integrated into regular content, granting them access to the game’s standard progression. They propose Beastmasters to function like traditional jobs, avoiding the limitations of limited jobs.

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“People asking for it to be a Limited Job makes me want to pull my hair out,” shared user Mendia, expressing disdain for limited jobs and advocating for a more conventional approach.

While players passionately debate the Beastmaster’s classification, the imminent Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest [1] on June 28 is expected to unveil details about the game’s 7.0 expansion, potentially shedding light on adding new jobs. 

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The anticipation for an on-the-nose teaser and official confirmation regarding the Beastmaster job has only intensified due to Sakaguchi’s suggestion.

As the community awaits further announcements, whether Beastmasters will roam Eorzea as limited specialists or full-fledged job contenders still need to be answered. The anticipation for the future and potential expansion of Final Fantasy 14’s diverse job roster continues to fuel discussions within the dedicated player base.

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