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Exoprimal Prepares for Launch with Second Open Beta and New Gameplay Details

Capcom’s highly anticipated dinosaur-filled shooter, Exoprimal, is gearing up for its official release in July. To ensure a smooth launch, the game will undergo one final open beta test, allowing players to experience the prehistoric mayhem before the game hits the shelves.

From June 16 to June 18, gamers can participate in Exoprimal’s second open beta. This time, the beta will introduce additional story missions that were unavailable in the previous test, providing players with a deeper dive into the game’s narrative. 

The open beta will feature ten co-op missions alongside the story content, allowing players to team up and take on the dinosaur-infested world together.

Exoprimal - character customization

Capcom has been actively incorporating player feedback from the previous beta test, implementing various adjustments and improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience. The second beta will be a final test to fine-tune the game before its highly anticipated release.

During Capcom’s recent showcase, a brand-new story trailer for Exoprimal was unveiled, shedding light on the game’s unique premise. Players will assume the role of Ace, who finds themselves transported to 2040.

Ace is forced into a never-ending series of “wargames” in this dystopian future by the malevolent AI known as Leviathan. Along the way, Ace will encounter Garrett Synes, the mastermind behind the powerful exosuits that players will utilize in combat. 

Adding to the game’s intriguing setting, the primary fuel source in this dinosaur-infested world is Hi-Xol, harvested from time-traveling dinosaurs. The trailer introduces the formidable Neosaurs, purple dinosaurs formed from concentrated Hi-Xol, presenting players with formidable adversaries.

The showcase also details Exoprimal’s core gameplay mode, Dino Survival. The story will unfold as players progress through missions in Dino Survival mode, revealing crucial information about Leviathan’s objectives. 

Exoprimal - suit change

While the game primarily revolves around battling dinosaurs, Capcom teased the inclusion of non-dinosaur boss battles, including an epic showdown against a colossal spider-like exosuit.

The latest footage also showcased the extensive customization options available for exosuits, allowing players to personalize their chosen gear’s appearance and performance. Skill-enhancing modules can be earned by completing specific challenges, while cosmetic skins [1] can be equipped to customize the exosuit’s aesthetics further.

In addition to Dino Survival, a new game mode called Savage Gauntlet was unveiled. Designed for five players, Savage Gauntlet offers a refreshing change of pace from the dinosaur-slaying action.

These missions will be updated weekly, challenging teams to compete for the fastest precise times. Exoprimal’s director, Takuro Hiraoka, confirmed the upcoming release of an exosuit variant called the Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire, allowing players to switch between a long-range, burst-fire rifle and a close-range shotgun. 

Exoprimal - gameplay

Further details about Savage Gauntlet and additional exosuit variants will be revealed during Xbox’s extended showcase on June 13.

Exoprimal is scheduled to launch on July 14 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC, promising an adrenaline-fueled experience as players battle hordes of dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic future. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the second open beta and taste the action-packed adventure that awaits!

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