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Destiny 2 Season 22: Reprised Raid Launch Date and Contest Mode Details Revealed

Guardians, mark your calendars because Destiny 2 Season 22 is set to bring an exciting reprised version of an existing raid that has not been available thus far. While the specific raid remains mysterious, Bungie has officially confirmed that it will be released on Friday, September 1, 2023.

As players eagerly anticipate the return of this iconic raid, Bungie has provided some essential details for those aspiring to compete for the coveted World First title. 

Like previous contests, the upcoming raid’s Contest Mode will be activated for 48 hours. This mode presents a thrilling challenge for fireteams striving to achieve the prestigious title and the accompanying reward.

Fireteams must successfully clear the raid with Contest Mode activated to gain access to the Challenge Mode in the Director and unlock the secret Triumph required for the World First title. 

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The Triumph consists of a curated list of challenges, each of which must be completed during the Challenge Mode. It adds an extra layer of complexity and excitement to the raid, making it an actual test of skill and teamwork.

However, aspiring contenders should beware—Bungie has implemented strict rules to enforce the Triumph requirements in Challenge Mode. The entire team will be wiped if a fireteam fails to meet the success conditions during any encounter. 

This measure ensures that no team unwittingly bypasses a Triumph, making it essential for teams to strategize and execute each challenge meticulously.

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As Guardians prepare for the upcoming Season 22, the anticipation builds around which raid is returning triumphantly. Speculations abound, with potential candidates including Wrath of the Machine and Crota’s End from the original Destiny. Others ponder the possibility of a reprised Destiny 2 raid, with Leviathan being a prominent contender.

While players eagerly await the raid’s unveiling, Destiny 2 continues to captivate its audience with thrilling content and engaging challenges. In the meantime, Guardians can indulge in other activities like the Root of Nightmares, where sweet loot awaits those daring enough to tackle its challenges.

The world of Destiny 2 [1] is ever-evolving, and Season 22 promises to bring an unforgettable experience with the reprised raid and the exhilarating World First competition. Whether you are a seasoned Guardian or a new recruit, there has never been a better time to embark on epic adventures in the Destiny universe. 

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