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Destiny 2 Community Divided Over Controversial Grandmaster Nightfall Challenge

Destiny 2 players are in a heated debate as the latest Grandmaster Nightfall proves to be a divisive challenge, with some labeling it as “unfair” and others defending its difficulty.

Destiny 2 introduces fresh content each week, including new weapons for sale and rotating featured raids, dungeons, and Nightfalls. Nightfalls are renowned for their increased difficulty, where players must complete missions, strikes, and seasonal Battlegrounds in a challenging mode. 

However, the Grandmaster Nightfalls take this difficulty to a new level, often considered the pinnacle of complex content in Destiny 2.

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In the week beginning June 27, Bungie released a new Grandmaster Nightfall called PsiOps Battleground. However, players have expressed frustration and discontent, arguing that this challenge goes beyond being difficult and ventures into unfair territory.

Some Destiny 2 players expressed disappointment with the PsiOps Battleground Grandmaster Nightfall. “I enjoy a challenge, but the last two Battlegrounds turned into Grandmasters. It’s not a challenge; it’s an unfair and grueling nightmare that feels like a waste of time.”

A recurring complaint revolves around the final boss encounters with Savathûn. Players have experienced a frustrating mechanic where Savathûn can unleash a one-shot Arc lightning attack that travels through walls, instantly killing unsuspecting Guardians. 

Many argue that this mechanic is not only devoid of fun but also lacks genuine challenge and fairness. Suggestions have emerged from the community to address the lightning attack issue. 

One player proposed a potential workaround, advising others to reduce their game’s frames per second (FPS) to 30. There may be a bug where the damage of the lightning attack is tied to the FPS, so lowering it could potentially reduce the threat of being one-shot.

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While some players are adamant about the PsiOps Battleground’s unfairness, others argue that previous Grandmaster Nightfalls presented even more significant challenges. Comparisons have been drawn to earlier Nightfalls, like The Lightblade and A Garden World, which are remembered as grueling and potentially unfair experiences.

Bungie, the developer behind Destiny 2, has recently faced criticism from certain sections of the player base. Complaints range from disappointment with the seasonal Fishing Rally quest to concerns about the perceived neglect of player versus player (PvP) content [1].

As the Destiny 2 community remains divided over the PsiOps Battleground Grandmaster Nightfall, players eagerly anticipate future updates and adjustments to balance challenge and fairness in this beloved online multiplayer game.

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