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Denuvo Initiates Groundbreaking Study to Address Performance Concerns in PC Games

In a bold move to tackle persistent doubts regarding the impact of its anti-piracy software on PC game performance, Denuvo, the renowned DRM provider and a subsidiary of Irdeto, has announced a groundbreaking campaign to set the record straight. 

By engaging with media outlets, Denuvo plans to conduct a comprehensive study that compares game performance with and without its DRM protection, with the objective of dispelling misconceptions and building trust within the gaming community.

Over the years, conflicting reports have emerged regarding the effects of Denuvo on game performance. Some sources, such as the YouTube channel Overlord Gaming, have highlighted significant performance disparities when Denuvo was removed from certain games. 

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However, others, including respected outlet Ars Technica, have found minimal to no differences between Denuvo-protected and unprotected versions. These discrepancies have fueled debates, leaving the true impact of Denuvo open to interpretation.

In a recent interview with Ars Technica, Steeve Huin, Chief Operating Officer of Irdeto, acknowledged the skepticism surrounding Denuvo and emphasized the importance of empirical evidence to validate its claims. 

Huin argued that public tests conducted thus far have failed to provide accurate comparisons because they often involve different game builds over an extended period, incorporating various bug fixes and updates that may influence performance.

“To truly assess the performance impact, it is essential to compare identical versions of a game with and without Denuvo side-by-side,” Huin stated. Recognizing the need for independent validation, Denuvo plans to provide media outlets with two identical versions of select games—one with Denuvo’s DRM protection and one without. 

This approach will enable outlets to conduct comprehensive performance tests, providing objective and trustworthy data to the PC gaming community.

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The decision to embark on this initiative directly responds to the persistent concerns raised by gamers. Denuvo’s DRM software has long faced criticism, with many believing it hampers game performance. Developers, including Doom Eternal and Resident Evil Village, have removed Denuvo post-launch. Katsuhiro Harada, the director of Tekken 7, indirectly attributed frame rate issues to similar DRM software [1] on the PC platform.

In contrast, Denuvo’s official website asserts that their anti-tamper services have no noticeable impact on game performance or stability. The company has continuously emphasized its dedication to supporting the gaming industry by ensuring game creators can monetize their work effectively. 

Beyond anti-piracy measures, Denuvo has expanded its offerings to include anti-cheat solutions, positioning itself as a comprehensive provider of game security technologies.

As Denuvo ventures into new areas of game protection, Steeve Huin is hopeful that this campaign will help reshape the company’s reputation among gamers. Denuvo aims to foster transparency and build credibility within the PC gaming community by engaging with independent media outlets and facilitating rigorous performance testing. 

Huin believes that empirical evidence derived from these tests will give gamers the reassurance they seek and establish Denuvo as a positive force in the industry.

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