Capcom Set to Make a Splash at Summer Game Fest With Exciting Showcase

Capcom, the renowned game developer and publisher, has announced its participation in this year’s highly anticipated Summer Game Fest. 

As one of the key highlights of the gaming industry’s calendar, Summer Game Fest has gained immense popularity since it emerged as a superior alternative to E3 during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Capcom is poised to take the stage this year and captivate fans with its exciting lineup of games. Scheduled for June 12 at 6:00 pm ET/3:00 pm PT, Capcom’s showcase promises to unveil what lies ahead for the company. 

CAPCOM Showcase Resident Evil

Gamers can look forward to a 36-minute presentation featuring exciting news, updates, and glimpses into the publisher’s upcoming releases and projects.

While specific details about the games to be featured remain under wraps, speculation is rampant among fans and industry insiders. One highly anticipated title is expected to appear in Street Fighter 6, which launched successfully. Its inclusion in the showcase seems like a natural fit, allowing Capcom to build on the game’s momentum and provide fans with new information.

Another game that could feature prominently is Exoprimal, set to be released next month [1]. With its imminent launch, a few minutes dedicated to this much-anticipated title during the showcase would generate further excitement among eager fans. 

The highly anticipated port of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is also on the horizon, making it a potential contender for the spotlight.

Capcom’s announcement also hints at the possibility of surprises and unexpected reveals. One such possibility is the long-awaited sequel, Dragon’s Dogma II, which currently lacks a release window but could potentially be unveiled during the showcase. 

CAPCOM Showcase Herlock Sholmes

Similarly, Pragmata, previously confirmed for a 2023 launch on PC and current-gen consoles, might appear, offering a tantalizing glimpse into its mysterious futuristic world.

The excitement doesn’t end there, as speculation surrounds a potential new game in the Monster Hunter series. With the final update for Monster Hunter Rise on the horizon, fans wonder if Capcom will seize the opportunity to announce a new installment in this beloved franchise during the showcase.

In the lead-up to Capcom’s showcase, fans can also tune in to the final digital stream of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 am ET/7:00 am PT. This stream promises to unveil details about the highly anticipated Bonus Update, keeping fans on the edge as they expect further adventures in the Monster Hunter universe.

Capcom’s participation in Summer Game Fest has sparked excitement and anticipation among fans and industry observers alike. With their successful track record and a string of highly anticipated titles in the pipeline, Capcom’s sales and showcase will surely be a highlight of this year. 

Gaming enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await June 12 to see what surprises and exciting announcements the renowned publisher has in store for them.

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