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Best MyPlayer Build on 2K17

If you’re looking to dominate the competition in NBA 2K17, you’ll need to have a well-rounded player. To do that, there are best builds for each position. 

If you’re looking to be a star point guard or an unstoppable center, we’ve got you covered! Check out our list and start building your dream team today.

What is the Best NBA 2K17 Build?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to NBA 2K17 Builds. The possibilities are potentially limitless, ranging from height to weight, wingspan to a variety of archetypes [1]. Here are the builds that are most ideal for NBA 2K17:

Point Forward

Height (6’9”)

This build is primarily intended to provide you with a larger wing with increased boxing out, rebounding, blocking, and dunks.

Point Forward


When it comes to arms, you should go with a medium length of 81.2″ which will give you an average shooting boost. Long arms are essentially unnecessary.

Weight (210 lbs.)

The reason for choosing medium weight is that it will slightly reduce your boxout, strength, and dunk while also providing you with slightly average speed.

Archetype (Small Forward)

This build comes into play when everything else is average – after all, Point Forward is all about being average. Everything else is fairly average, with the exception of Agility and Playmaking, which are both set to maximum.

Point Guard

Height (6’1”)

This is basically to ensure that everything stays the same. With this height, there should be no declines or boosts.

NBA 2K17 Build Point Guard


When it comes to arms, you should go for something shorter, like 73.2″. This is because you are already short at 6’1″ and require shooting and off-dribble bonuses.


When it comes to weight, 180 pounds should be sufficient. As many of you may have guessed, this is done in order to obtain a critical speed boost.

Archetype (Sharpshooter)

Sharpshooter is the archetype to choose, as it will grant you access to insane shooting abilities and badges. However, one thing to keep in mind is that this build is quite limited when it comes to shooting off the dribble. However, this is not easily countered.

Shooting Guard

Height (6’4”)

It goes without saying that this Shooting Guard is small, but it gains a slight advantage in standing duck and loses a little speed. You should avoid going any taller than this because you need him to be quick when it comes to the pick-and-roll game.

NBA 2K17 Build Shooting Guard


When it comes to weight, you should aim for something around 174 pounds. This should result in a significant increase in speed, acceleration, and vertical and lateral quickness. The goal is to be as light and fast as possible.

Wingspan (75.2”)

Another thing to keep in mind is your wingspan. Because our guy is short in the first place, he doesn’t need long arms. You should be able to get decent off-dribble, open shot, contested shot, and strength boosts with this.

Archetype (Shot Creator)

This is arguably one of the best NBA 2K17 archetypes. Not only is shooting off the dribble and agility insane but so are the badges. Difficult Shots, Tear Dropper, Tireless Scorer, Ankle Breaker, and Mid-Range Deadeye are some of the badges you can earn with the Shot Creator.



Height (7’1”)

The reason for choosing this height is to give you an additional inch of standing dunk increase. You also get a contact dunk boost, rebounding increase, boxout, and block. 

Another important consideration is that you suffer from the slightest speed decrease. Given that you are only increasing your height by one inch, this is a reasonable trade-off.

Weight (225 lbs.)

When it comes to weight, the build prefers something light. The reason for going lighter is to gain a significant boost in speed, acceleration, lateral quickness, and ball speed.

Wingspan (85.2”)

To get the most boost in shooting, choose the shortest wingspan possible. This is also done to gain a slight boost in strength, but don’t expect too much.

NBA 2K17 Build Center

Archetype (Glass Cleaner)

You’re basically playing against a quick-footed big man with insane rebounding abilities. When you combine this with his weight and height, you have plenty of easy baskets. 

When it comes to badges, you can choose between hustle rebounder, breaker starter, putback king, brick wall, and bruiser.

Small Forward

Height (6’9”)

When it comes to height, you should understand that we are going for a banger rather than a speedster – because sharpshooters are slow. The height is relatively high to allow for rebounding, standing dunks, and blocks.

Weight (221 lbs.)

Despite the fact that we are aiming for hardnose and physical strength, we chose a medium weight of 221 lbs. because we need a little speed boost. 

A weight of 221 pounds should provide you with slight advantages in terms of speed, acceleration, ball speed, and vertical and lateral quickness.

NBA 2K17 Build Small Forward

Wingspan (83.7”)

When it comes to arms, you should choose something that is neither too long nor too short. There’s no point in going for the boost if the guy can shoot without issue. 

However, because we are focusing on the physical game, you will need all the strength you can get, which is why we are focusing on this boost, as well as the contested shot and open shot minor boosts.

Archetype (Sharpshooter)

The main idea behind this build is that the guy can shoot – no problem – but also be tough and physical. There are several badges available, including Deep Range Deadeye, Limitless Range, Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist, and Mid-Range Deadeye.

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