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My Summer Car (MSC) Editor — Your Quick Guide

Have you ever wanted to build a car in the game called My Summer Car? Well, now you can with the help of MSC Editor. 

This tool allows you to create and customize your own vehicles within the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the MSC Editor to build a car that’s just right for you. 

How to Use the Editor to Build a Car on My Summer Car

On My Summer Car, you can modify almost every setting connected to the player, car, world, time, weather, and many others. To do so, you’ll the MSC Editor, a free program that allows you to edit the saved game. 

But is it possible to utilize an MSC Editor to design a car without actually building one? 

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The answer is simple and clear: yes, you can create a car with an MSC Editor, but it will require some effort and knowledge of the names of each component. 

Simply set “installed” and “bolted” to true for each car part – if you’re afraid about something going wrong, start with something simple, like a subframe and pistons (piston1, piston2, piston3, piston4).

It is advisable to do it gradually, recording every now and then and ensuring that everything is good, with the right assembly order. Individual part names and orders may be found in the car building tutorial [1].

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