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Lapis Diamond Trick on Minecraft

For all you Minecraft fanatics out there looking for an edge in your game, you must not miss out on the Lapis Diamond Trick. This little tip will help increase your chances of finding rare and valuable diamonds without much effort. 

In this guide, our gaming pros will show you how to find diamonds in Minecraft using the Lapis trick. To get you started right away, read on!

Where Can You Find Lapis Lazuli?

Caves and ravines are the best places to look for Lapis Lazuli Ores. Lapis Lazuli can generate from Y-level -64 to Y-level 64. Even so, they are more common near level 0. 

You can press F3 to see your coordinates and find out what Y level you are on.


How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft With the Lapis Trick?

Lapis Diamond

What Are the Instances When Lapis Trick Won't Work?

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