How to Summon Blue Axolotl Minecraft Bedrock Minecraft

How to Summon Blue Axolotl on Minecraft Bedrock

For those of you looking to add a splash of color to your Minecraft world, we’ve got just the thing! In this guide, our gamers will show how to spawn a blue axolotl in Bedrock Edition.

How Can Players Spawn a Blue Axolotl in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft?

There are several methods that players can try to get a blue axolotl, but there is only a 1/1200 chance that they will succeed without using the console command to spawn the creature. 

A blue axolotl may be obtained via breeding, hunting for one, or utilizing spawn eggs. However, utilizing cheats and console commands to generate a blue one is by far the simplest method.

How to Summon Blue Axolotl Minecraft Bedrock

How Can Players Spawn a Blue Axolotl Using Console Commands?

To ensure the spawning of a blue axolotl, players must do a few certain steps. The steps that players should take in order to spawn [1] one in Minecraft are listed below:


Players will also need to access the chat window after turning on the cheats. Then, enter the following console command precisely as it appears with the chat window open:

/summon axolotl ~~~ minecraft:entity_born

Ensure to put spaces between “axolotl” and the “~~~” symbols as well as “minecraft” because if they do not put spaces there, the command will not work. A message stating that the creature has been spawned will appear in the game if you properly carry out the command. 

Next, search the area for a baby blue axolotl. They should see one very close by. Players can use this code as many times as they like to get an unlimited number of blue axolotls.

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