Copper Golem Minecraft

How to Make a Copper Golem on Minecraft?

If you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ve probably wanted to create a copper golem at some point. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a copper golem in Minecraft:

What is a Copper Golem and How Do You Make One?

The 2021 Minecraft Live Mob Vote is where the Copper Golem was first suggested, however, the Origin Realms team implemented it earlier. 

Only a player is capable of creating the Copper Golem. It is built from a wooden button, a copper block, and a lightning rod. Place down the copper block, then put the rod on top of it. 

Copper Golem

The button should then be placed on the copper block and right-clicked. It is uncertain whether the golem will be included in any new structures.

How Does a Copper Golem Look Like and What is its Behavior?

A copper golem resembles an iron golem in size, although it is not as bulky. It features a lightning rod on its head, short legs, and skinny arms. Additionally, it has a golem-like nose. 

Depending on the degree of oxidation [1], it can range in hue from orange to green. A copper golem usually roams aimlessly until it sees a button, after which it will run to it and press it. If there are several buttons nearby, it will randomly press each one. 

A copper golem may oxidize like conventional copper. But, once fully oxidized, it ceases to move and takes on the characteristics of a statue. To stop the process, a wax made of honeycomb can be applied. And if you hold an ax while waxing it, it will run.

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