How to Change the MOTD of a Minecraft Server

Do you have a Minecraft server and want to change its message of the day (MOTD)? This blog post will show you how to do that in a few simple steps! 

If you’re not familiar, the MOTD is the message that appears on the server’s login page. It is usually used to welcome players, advertise new content, or provide server news. 

By changing the MOTD, you can create a more personalized experience for your players. If you want to know all the steps of changing your MOTD, here’s a quick guide:

How to Change the MOTD of a Minecraft Server

How to Make the MOTD

The MOTD does not have to be created with mctools. We simply recommend it because it helps set the right color codes or text styles.

changing MOTD of Minecraft Server

How to Set the MOTD


That’s it. You’ve just successfully changed the MOTD of your Minecraft server. With this, uou can now create a more personalized experience for your players. 

Just remember to use a formatting tool like mctools to create the MOTD, and paste it into the “Server Settings” page in the Apex Panel.

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