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List of the Best Minecraft Zombie Servers Today

If you’re a fan of the zombie genre, you’ll be delighted to know that you can now enjoy playing zombie-themed Minecraft servers. These zombie servers are a fun and unique way to play the game with your friends, as you fight off hordes of zombies, build your own base, and try to survive the night. 

There are a variety of available servers out there, so it can be difficult to choose which one is the best. So, here’s a look at some of the best Minecraft zombie servers today!

Top 5 Minecraft Zombie Servers Today

#1: Outbreak

Outbreak is likely the most exciting and distinctive server on this list. It immerses players in a PvP experience in which they either spawn as a human attempting to evade zombies or as a zombie seeking to infect humans. 

If you play as a human, your objective is to survive until the end of the server, while if you spawn as a zombie, you must infect every human until there are none left. 

Zombies marching on outbreak server

There are loot chests and kits for both players, making this server truly unique in terms of zombie gameplay.

#2: The Mining Dead

The 5000 by 5000 block recreation of the franchise’s world demonstrates that this well-executed server is again influenced by The Walking Dead. 

There are numerous distinctive locales, such as the Prison, Woodbury, and Alexandria. Fans of the show can enjoy these exhaustive references to their favorite program while playing the zombie survival game Minecraft.

#3: ODA Revolution

The ODA Revolution is comparable to a zombie apocalypse, but from the perspective of military forces. The ODA Revolution is a brutal survival experience that completely eliminates the building aspect of the game. 

On the 10,000-by-10-thousand-block map, you can only seek refuge within predefined safe zones. In addition to gaining new ranks within the server’s military system, players can also earn new military ranks.

#4: Dead MC

Dead MC is an excellent server for those who wish to experience a world overrun by zombies. You spawn in a Minecraft game with the same looting, mining, crafting, and building mechanics, but a vastly different objective. 

The only thing that can help you survive when hordes of horrifying zombies emerge at night is a strong base with impenetrable defenses that you construct with a group of survivors.

#5: The Creeping Dead

The Creeping Dead, one of the many servers based on the popular television series The Walking Dead, transforms Minecraft into a blood-pumping apocalyptic game. 

This server’s best feature is that it combines PvP [1] and PvE gameplay, requiring players to battle recognizable villains from the show. 

In addition, you must survive the hordes of walkers pursuing you. However, anyone who has seen the show knows that Negan is more terrifying than the walkers.

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Minecraft zombie servers provide a unique and thrilling way to play the popular building game. With the right server, you can battle zombies, build strong defenses, and even take on the villains from The Walking Dead. 

We hope this list of the best Minecraft zombie servers helps you find the perfect server for your friends and you!

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