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25 Must-Know Minecraft Realms Server Commands Listed

The Minecraft realm is a feature that was added to the game by Mojang to help players enhance their gaming experience. This feature allows you to rent private servers to play with your pals. 

However, you may not enjoy the game if you do not know the most helpful Minecraft realm server commands. This guide provides you with all of that. Explore!

25 Handy Minecraft Realm Commands

#1: /tp | /teleport

This command is so much fun in itself. The tp/teleport command functions the same way. If you want to instantly meet your friend in another part of the world, then you can use this command. 

Minecraft Realm teleport command

#2: /fill

Have you ever come across a hole in your structure? Have you thought about filling it? Here is the command for you. The fill command is a quick way of filling a gap or hole in your structure without manually doing it one after the other.

#3: /locate

This command comes in handy when you wish to know the exact location of specific Minecraft landmarks around you. This saves you the time of navigating or exploring the world with your friends, especially when there is no time or you are feeling lazy. All you have to do is press ./locate [landmarkName]

#4: /setworldspawn | /spawnpoint

These commands have the same function but different purposes. /setworldspawn is used to change or create the world spawn for all players in the realm, while the /spawn point is designed specifically for the player. /spawn point[playername]

#5: /scoreboard

This feature allows you to change the scoreboard of your realm. This enables you to keep track of key statistics like health. This means that you can make major statistics, such as the health bar, appear and create a custom scoreboard to show anything.

Minecraft Realm scoreboard command

#6: /gamerule

This command allows you to enable or disable the game rules. As we all know, when you die in the Minecraft game, all inventories are lost. Therefore, if you wish to keep your inventories even after death, all you do is press /gamerule inventory. 

#7: /gamemode

The /game mode command effectively shifts between the available game mode; survival, adventurer, creative and spectator modes. You can leverage this command when playing with friends who do not have issues with changing modes in-between games.

#8: /title

Do you want something to experiment with? Here you go! You can use this command to add aesthetics to the game by writing random texts that can pop on players’ Hotbar slots or screens.

Minecraft Realm title command

E.g.,/title DigMinecraft title {“text”: “Let’s rock and roll fellas!”, “bold”: true, “italic”: false, “color”:” green”}. /clear

#9: /recipe

This command teaches how to give or take what a player has learned from the recipe book. All you have to do is enter /recipe give [playername]* to learn all the recipes available on the Minecraft game. 

This can also come in handy for new players who do not remember the list of Minecraft recipes giving them the privilege to learn all.

#10: /team

As the name implies, this command makes creating a team in your realm easy. Also, it makes it possible to set team name color, to prevent damaging a teammate. Not only this, but you can also chat with your team members privately using this command.

#11: /setblock

This is a simple command that helps you change the block type in your realm. You can combine this command with the fill command in building different structures in your realm server.

Minecraft Realm setblock command

#12: /kill

If you want to take out the surrounding mob or want to take out revenge on an annoying friend, you can use this command. All you have to do is type /kill[playerName] or /kill @e[type=[mobID, distance=[value]

#13: /replaceitem

The /replaceitem is effective in replacing any item of choice. This include held items and those within the chest. Also, it allows you to change entities that hold items or to replace any item in the inventory slot.

#14: /w, /msg, /tell

This command allows you to chat privately with your friend without others having access to the chat. For example, you can use this command if you want to send a message to A in the same realm server as B without B knowing.

#15: /tm or /teammsg

You can use this command to chat privately if you have a team configured on your Realm server. This command ensures that they send your chat to only people in your team. All you have to do is press /tm or /teammsg

Minecraft Realm teammsg command

#16: /tellraw

/tellraw commands help you change the aesthetics of the text font you create. If you do not know how to use this command, you can automatically generate it using minecraftjson.com. You can share this on the Realm server chat

#17: /time

The /time command is useful when you do not have beds or you do not want to stress yourself running to bed. You can use the /time set day to make the Minecraft world become the day for you and your friends to explore without thinking of mobs attacking you.

#18: /weather

If you are familiar with the game, you will notice that the game lags when it snows or rain, especially if your PC does not meet the specified requirements [1]. Applying /weather clear will help you change the weather to an excellent condition. This is one of the best console and PC game among game lovers.

#19: /seed

This command helps you track the world you are currently spawned in. Also, it helps find the best world that suits your liking.

Minecraft Realm seed command

#20: /difficulty

As peculiar with all games, you cannot change the game’s difficulty. However, with the /difficulty command, you can change the game’s difficulty level to what suits you.

#21: /summon

The /summon command enables you to summon Withers and Enderdragons to fight your friend that has been messing with you. All you have to do is press /summon [MobID].

#22: /effect

This command allows you to give yourself or your friend a potion effect in your realm server. You can give any potion and can also make the potion time infinite by using /effect give [playerName] [effectID] [time]

#23: /enchant

The enchant command is an easy way of getting all your desired enchants for a loved item. You do not need to go through a lengthy or grinding process to use the enchantment table. To use the full enchanted gear press /enchant [playername] [enchantID] [Value].

#24: /give

This command allows you to give items to other players without switching to the creative mode. You can give items to your friends without them being promoted to an operator’s level. Just type /give [playerName] [ItemID] [amount].

Minecraft Realm give command

#25: /clone

The /clone command enables you to clone anything in your Realm world. For example, if your friend in the same realm has built something you love, you can use this command to replicate it.

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Minecraft realm server commands help enhance your gaming experience. It naturally gives you the privilege you will not have in a normal circumstance. You can use these commands to make your adventure with friends even more fun.

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