Minecraft Dwarf vs Zombies Server Minecraft

Minecraft Dwarves vs Zombies Server

Minecraft’s Dwarves vs Zombies server is one of the well-loved servers in the game. Its unique concepts and mechanics made it a hit among pro gamers. 

Recently, many players have been wondering what went wrong with the server. If you are one of them, our e-sports reporters will provide what you need to know about the server today.

History of Dwarves vs Zombies Servers

Robert Moran and Bruce Willakers created the Dwarves vs Zombies servers in March 2015. They centered the game around an epic last stand of dwarves against zombies, monsters, and skeletons.

Minecraft Dwarf vs Zombies Server

The game server worked during scheduled streams and was later updated to a 24-7 server. Unfortunately, it closed down in 2019, to the surprise of many enthusiasts. Since then, there have been many questions about whether they will relaunch the game server.

What is it About and How Do You Play it?

The server features dwarves and zombies. The function of the dwarves is to ensure that enemies (zombies) do not take over their shrines. Similarly, the enemy or opposing team aims to ensure that they take over the shrines from the dwarves.

The game needs about 70 people to play a single normal round and about 50 people to start a round. If you do not have players to meet the requirements, the game will need 5 players every 10 minutes. 

Dwarf character on Minecraft Dwarf vs Zombies Server

Games with 45 players spawn with 3 heroes, and those with 35 players spawn with 2 heroes and 25 players with 1 hero. All games under 25 players have no heroes.

Basically, the game features a PVP mode with 2 teams [1]. This means the game will end as soon as either of the teams achieves their set goals and objectives. That is, dwarves killing all zombies or zombies killing all the dwarves.

Each team has access to a wide variety of weaponry throughout the game. Dwarves can create defenses to protect their shrines, and zombies can create badass monster classes, all to take over the shrine. Check this list of the best Minecraft zombies servers today!

What Happened to Dwarves vs Zombies? Can You Still Play it?

As mentioned, the server was shut down in 2019. At the moment, the server is not available, and you cannot play it. 

Minecraft Dwarf vs Zombies Server gameplay

However, several enthusiasts have created a replica of the game on the server. Therefore, if you still wish to play the game mode, you can join such servers. Unfortunately, most of these servers are dead, too, but a few are still available.

If you have a full squad to play the game, you will really enjoy it. However, if you are playing all by yourself, you might find it uninteresting. This is because the server is empty and has little or no payers to play with on the server. 


The bottom line is that the Minecraft Dwarves vs Zombies server is currently unavailable. They shut it down in 2019. However, there are several other replicas created for players to enjoy. 

You will better enjoy this game if you have a complete squad, but if you are playing on your own, it will be difficult to see people to play with.

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